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The first hit is always on the house.


Energy week in After Hours with Option Addict kicked off with a 7% rally in OIH. Pretty impressive, no?

The follow through here is important. Yesterday we went through the process of how easy it was to anticipate this rotation, and went through the stocks, ranking them, and spent a little time looking for laggards, or those that didn’t participate.

Of those were $SN and $NOG…and in today’s session, we’ll pick out a few more to trade tomorrow.

Anyone pick up any energy plays here?




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This week is Energy Week in After Hours with Option Addict. Everyone is invited. We’ll be having a free trial today and tomorrow, so you can get a taste of the analysis and stock picking that goes on inside.

I decided on Friday to focus on Energy was because of the rotation that is going on there today. That’s right, planned today’s move on Friday…and will walk through some of the key concepts from our recent stock picking boot camp to help you get familiar with how to spot a rotation ahead of time, and how to know which stocks to pick.

After the bell, 4:30 pm ET. Go to the After Hours with Option Addict site, register and pop in for a couple days. See you there.

Also, added $CHK today to my energy holdings.


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All next week, we’re going to focus on the energy sector. Monday-Friday in each After Hours with Option Addict session.

This should be a great spinoff of the recent stock picking boot camp that just concluded. We’re going to break down the sector, rank stocks, group them into lists and focus on individual trades, entries and exits from this analysis.

This means we’ll also be doing a free 2 day trial to After Hours with Option Addict on Monday and Tuesday, to give you some insight into the methods and analysis used…as well as a few trade ideas for the upcoming month.

As for today, booked $CAT calls, bought $EXPE and added to $PYPL calls and bought $NEOT as discussed in last nights session on biotech. Interesting enough, those stocks we picked are 3-for-3 today. Green across the board.

Also stalking $C, and $ERX into the close.


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I booked positions in $QQQ, $EBIO, $SINA and $QRVO this morning. In the process of buying $ORIG, $TWTR, $SOHU, $EXPE, and $CHK. Probably going to take the loss in $MTCH here because it trades like ass.

In After Hours with Option Addict we’re going to hit the biotech sector today. The group is poised to breakout and has been strong since we analyzed the start of this rotation back on the last week of April.

Here’s my sentiment chart I posted back then:


Grab your top picks and let’s find some stocks to trade there.



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I took the day to dust off a weekend long hangover yesterday. I sat it my chair, unable to lift a muscle or an intelligent thought. Which as you know is par for the course.

I’m interested in this $DWRE sale, as I’ve been following software stocks since fall last year. That theme was one of my favorite long term ideas we discussed in After Hours with Option Addict.

There are a page of names I’m following there, but a few software plays that I think are actionable are $TUBE and some cheapies $PERI and $FH.

My top ideas outside of that space today are travel stocks $EXPE and $PCLN, as well as $PYPL.

What’s on your radar?


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