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The first hit is always on the house.


I’m accumulating positions in China stocks. I’m becoming obsessed. Like I was in July-August of this year.

Check out these charts. See any you like?


One of my 2017 predictions is that the Bull resumes in China next year. Last time I predicted that was in 2014 and the Shanghai ran from 2000 to 5200.


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With the strength in the IPO names of this year, I’ve added $LN calls to my existing collection of IPO names.

Love the chart action.

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The news flow is awful…and I’m staying away this week as to not cramp my holiday spirit.

I don’t plan to do much this week, as the market should start to crawl over the next couple days. I did pick off a position in $FTNT…but anything you buy this week is likely to churn and go nowhere.

I’m reorganizing some long term ideas tonight, and will be making room for a few new plays as I take a few names off in my IRA. Really boring shit, but that’s where I’m at this week.

Curious if any of you have much that you plan to act on this week, besides some early holiday intoxication.

Ho, ho, ho.

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I want to take a moment to thank those that attended our Q4 Boot Camp. This was our most successful camp to date!

For those in attendance, you’ve received all the recordings and slides. If this is not the case, email me at your convenience.

Last but not least, if you have any feedback -good or bad- please email me at [email protected]

With this week out of the way, I’ll be back active here on the blog next week, just in time for Santa.

Have a good weekend.


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It’s been a busy week. My apologies for going through a Fed day without a blog post. Quite frankly, I wanted to see today’s action before I had anything to say about yesterday.

Yesterday didn’t seem to pack any significant substance under the surface…unless you were long energy stocks. Everything else seemed mixed.

This week I spent a lot of time reflecting on what all my messages have been here on iBC this year, in order to put together my list of predictions for 2017. Unlike the rest of the crowd, my message remained constant dating back to fall of 2015. “This all resolves higher, buy stocks.”

In Boot Camp Tuesday, we talked about what a Trump presidency means for stocks. We looked at very long term charts of the stuff that’s had the most significant reaction to the election results. If you want a lay-up investment approach to the next 2-3 years…buy those stocks into weakness. The long term charts of these stocks are of the most compelling charts I’ve seen. These are also some of the most underowned stocks out there as well. As we looked at last night, that strategy has beaten the market handily over the last several years.

On the day, I picked up some $CTRP…looking at $MTCH and $FTNT as well.

With there being no gaps on the day today, I don’t think the pain trade discussion we had in After Hours with Option Addict is relevant here, FWIW.

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The NASDAQ is making up lost time here today. The broadening pattern I’ve been walking through here on my blog has confirmed higher here today. We walked through this last night in Boot Camp as well.

2016-12-13_9-27-24This setup forecasts over 400 points of upside from here.

Remember, cash positions were massive coming into this. This is what happens when you are forced to chase. This has been my thesis all year.

I added $WB, $MBLY, $AMBA and $GPRO calls. Booked gains in $TRIP…and hoping to book gains in $WYNN here shortly.

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