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The first hit is always on the house.


2017 ought to be a year of less volatility and more direction. Lots of guys were left ‘holding Herman’ as to whether or not stocks would crash. Markets like this don’t pull back much, leaving the unwashed in a forced position to chase.

For those that took me up on my After Hours with Option Addict bargain, thank you. It will be a good year. I’m going to start the year fresh, with a crash course on how to approach the market this upcoming year. I think I will make it a 3-5 part series. Maybe we start as early as next week?

I’m booking my $MBLY here today and am thinking of replacing it with $ONCE, $TRIP, $Z or $COUP.

I’ve got a decent list we’ll discuss after the bell today.

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As we wrap up a fantastic 2016, I want to issue a reminder that as of January 1st, membership rates to After Hours with Option Addict will increase.

Take the opportunity to lock in the discounted rate before the deadline. If you do, you will be forever grandfathered at that pricing.

For those that have not been able to test drive the service, After Hours with Option Addict is a daily post market webinar at 4:30 PM ET Monday-Friday. We meet for roughly 45-60 minutes each day. The meetings are recorded for those that cannot meet at our scheduled time.

The idea is to walk through market conditions each day, trying to stay ahead of market turns and intermarket rotations. Some highlights of the year included:

  • Get long stocks all year
    Getting the group heavy into materials and energy in Jan/Feb
    Calling the top in the defensive trade (Bonds, Utes, Metals, Staples)
    Call to load up in China Stocks (July-Oct)
    Buy the Trump election dipAs well as a long list of great buys throughout the year

I’ve got a solid road map for 2017 and it would be a shame to pay more for it next year once you realize you’re a piker and are missing out.

Join the After Hours with Option Addict family today. Annual memberships will receive a recording from Session 4 of my Boot Camp which highlights 2017 Predictions and Trade Ideas (normally a $1.2mm value).

Happy New Year to my readers, trolls and friends that stop by on occasion. Looking forward to a great 2017.

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For the sake of boredom, it was suggested that my entry into $XBI yesterday be highlighted and discussed. I enjoy these discussions, particularly in the open public.

For a similar chart pattern, take a look at the action in $MBLY today and compare it against my entry back on 12/13.

Trading these patterns to the long side is tricky to time, particularly in short dated options.

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Hope you all had a great weekend. With the slowness of the market thus far, I’m calling an audible on After Hours with Option Addict this week. I’m thinking that we’re not going to get much of a turnout today. My blog is dead, and my trading room was a ghost town.

At this rate, let’s plan on meeting on Thursday the 29th and see if much has transpired for the week. I’ve got family in town and I might as well take advantage of the slowness to enjoy family time.

If you need anything at all, please email.

I took a long in $BABA today, might book the $AMZN calls I grabbed on Friday.

Other than that, feel free to post questions or ideas as usual.


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As I prepare to close out an incredible year, I want to thank those who’ve made this year possible. I could list my favorites, both good and bad…but I’ll take the high road and bask in the light that was superior intellect and analysis. Or a rigged market, eh?

Most importantly, thanks to all the loyal readers and After Hours with Option Addict members for your support over the year. This was a difficult year to go out on a limb and bet against the masses, but it was the right call and hope that it helped you get in front of some amazing moves this year.

It’s tough to risk credibility, reputation and testicles for strangers and internet trolls to scoff at you for, but I’ve always enjoyed doing this to help give my readers an edge. 2017 will be another year where I feel like you could act soon and still be far out ahead of the crowd. Some of my favorite themes and predictions we discussed in Boot Camp last week will be setting up in the next 1-3 months. If you are able to participate there, I think you won’t have to do much to beat the market next year.

Speaking of which, if you are interested in a replay of the Boot Camp, here’s a link to sign up. The recordings are at a slight discount to the live sessions. Five recordings all between 60-90 minutes long and 4 PDFs of the slides. These detail themes, predictions and overall ideas/approach to 2017.

Boot Camps are available from earlier this year also. If you missed out, the Stock Picking Boot Camp was one my best in terms of overall analysis needed to pick stocks the way I do.

Also, as a heads up…After Hours with Option Addict prices are scheduled to go up January 1st. If you are on the fence, signing up now locks you into the lower rate moving forward. This is an attempt to curb the demand that will be flooding in throughout the year next year as your friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors want a piece of the action.

If you have any questions, email me: [email protected]

Happy Holidays.

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