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The first hit is always on the house.


I should clarify.

Not “worst” in terms of performance. “Worst” in terms of…”I woke up and showered for this?”

Most of you were wise enough to hit the road already. But I’ll tell you, there’s nothing worse than sitting inside…watching pixels change red to green while the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and kids are home playing.

What you see happening on the screens today is what the week before and after the 4th is going to look like. In other words, if you’re missing out on some fun that could be had, wise up and get the fuck out of here. Only miserable people like myself opt to sweat it up in front of the screens rather than outside in the sun.

I find nothing interesting here. No story to tell, no analysis to spew. I sat here for three hours meditating for inspiration on what to blog about today, and this was all I came up with.

Book a gain somewhere and treat yourself to a trip. No doubt, this will be here when you get back.

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This week and next, I’m running a daily scan looking for liquid biotech names and buying the weakest name in the group. Today $OPK was the biggest decline (on all stocks with at least 300k avg volume).

I’ll do this daily til $IBB hits $330.

After Hours with Option Addict crew, I had something come up today and won’t be able to meet. Will be on for tomorrow though, we’ll put together next weeks watchlist.



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Back in my accumulation mode of 2015-2016 I happened across $LABU. I picked up a decent sized stock position at a basis of just over $6. After a lot of time gone by, a 1:4 reverse split, and a whole lot of nothing to show for it, the ETF is finally breaking out.

I still own some $PBYI, $ONCE, $GBT as well as some recent $MNK and $GILD calls (this morning).

Like any biotech rally, I’m sure it fizzles and turns to shit like all else…but the action in all these stocks on weekly charts looks like an initiative move. In other words, the start of something rather than the end.

Time will tell. Got any bio on?

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Back from Boot Camp, ready and refreshed to tackle shitty summer market action.

Prior to my blogging hiatus, I spoke of the rotation that took place after the Comey testimony. While some felt I was being too jumpy, I noticed that while most said the outcome was “a bunch of nothing” I noticed that FANG stocks as well as the rest of the market favorites were sold off while energy, materials and retail stocks caught a big bid – in the exact same way that they did at the election. Nothing permanent, but clearly some profit taking to send capital back at the Trump trade as his odds of impeachment contracted a bit from their mid-May spike.

It’s important to recall, those market darlings were of the few/only stocks that went lower and nowhere for months following the election…while small caps, banks, infrastructure, materials and energy all ripped for 2-3 months on average.

The action in FANG looks like the start of a range again. It was interesting to see the crowd excited to buy the dip on the first few occasions, then get bearish on Friday after getting no love on the long side last week.

Should you choose to buy these, please use your strategic senses…don’t chase.

Thrilled to see risk on, but not thrilled to be painted into today’s prices. Thanks anyway.

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For the last two Boot Camps I told the investors of the group that there would be one main pitch you’d want to swing at this year.

Well, the pitch was finally thrown here in the last few days. Timing couldn’t be better.

I told that crowd to wait for my 2016 Trump Portfolio to give back its gains, then to load the boat on these stocks for the intermediate to long haul.

Well, that portfolio is the beneficiary of this fast selling in tech stocks, in a similar fashion to how it all went down in the days following the election.

The opportunities here are significant and will be the crowning jewel of this quarters Boot Camp.

We start today at 7pm ET. Email invitations with links and information will go out right near the close today. Hurry and reserve your seat today.

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Summer Boot Camp is here! Classes are scheduled to begin Monday June 12th – Friday June 16th at 7pm ET. You can attend live, or at your leisure. All meetings are recorded and sent to you for you to keep.

If you haven’t yet attended one of our camps, now’s the time to give it a shot.

Each year, the content is molded to thoughtful insight on market direction, shorter term/longer term market rotations and positioning, current analysis on various asset classes and instruments, as well as thought out predictions and actionable ideas for trading accounts and investment portfolios.

Here’s the scheduled content:

Monday: How the Pro’s are Positioned: Fund Flows, Cash and Rotations.
Tuesday: Should You Go Away Or Stay and Play This Summer?
Wednesday: Opportunities and Risks of a Single Digit VIX.
Thursday: Bonds, Gold or Bitcoins?
Friday: Pain Trades and Top Ideas Through 2017.


Interesting enough, each time we schedule one of these, there is some degree of market turmoil, rotation, etc. What we’re seeing is what happened prior to the election. FANG went lower, Trump stocks higher. I’ll be breaking this down in great detail so you will know how to plan the rest of your summer.

Please contact me with any questions: [email protected]

See you there!

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