Monday, December 5, 2016
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As mentioned earlier this afternoon, I have an important matter to discuss with you. There’s been chatter on this topic since late last year, but the time has come to start putting plans into motion. We are officially going to expand our content offerings to include an upcoming iBankCoin Investor Conference. I need your input to start organizing the event.

The idea would be a two day weekend event hosted in Las Vegas, hosted by Chess and myself. We will be selecting a premier hotel on the strip to host our event where we will be conducting 2 full days of content rich classes on various investing topics. We’ll arrange group rates for the hotel, should you choose to stay at the venue.

Below is a link to a simple survey. We need to gauge audience and timing. Thank you for your attention in this matter. This poll will make its way around…only vote once.


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  1. Denizen

    I put myself in for Fall which is best but fwiw I’ll be out of the country till mid October.

  2. Option Addict

    Perhaps we schedule the event on the anniversary of the 87 crash. Will you be back for that?

    • UncleBuccs

      OA, I would be happy with any of the three date options, but am only allowed to click on one. Selected Q1, figuring it’s going to get the least love…

    • Denizen

      That’d be amazing; a birthday present to myself.

  3. halloweenpleb

    Dang dude. You’re messing up my plan to meet on a yacht. That was a weird premonition I had yesterday.
    I don’t think I would amass the required coin by the time I attend this conference. Lol.

  4. bonobo snores

    I also chose Fall, but pricing is also a big consideration. Looking forward to it though.

  5. vcunning9517

    Looking forward to this at any time.
    Thanks for all your help Jeff.

  6. Todd Powers

    Jeff, I picked Jan/Dec but can go Oct/Nov as well. Thank you for organizing this.

  7. matt_bear

    Would love to but can’t do Las Vegas. 🙁

  8. mr

    Jeff , Wonderful idea. I love it ..

  9. Todd Powers

    I imagine OA and Chess aren’t going anywhere without getting paid. A gentleman would expect to pay a fair wage for a fair days work + expenses!

  10. MalloyO

    Selected Fall, though with a month or two of lead time I can make just about anything work. Also down for New York as an alternate location.

  11. bruce keller

    Voted Q1 ’15 so I can save. 😀

  12. Trading_Nymph

    If you are going to do it, like duh, hold it the same days as Traders Expo. Traders Expo is mostly free and a great place to hang out and get Free Stuff.

  13. C. Montgomery Burns
    C. Montgomery Burns

    NYC would be easier, but Vegas Oct/Nov.

  14. matt_bear

    Wifey won’t let me go to Vegas. lol

    • Dr. Fly


      Grow a pair

      • UncleBuccs

        My problem is my wife wants to come along… How will I get to thoroughly visit all of the internet friends I’ve made over the years? I’m scheming right now….

        • rahagar

          We’ll work together on a scheme for the both of us. hmmmm, We’ll can tell them we have been summoned to a special meeting of traders that will be discussing delta, vega, rho, gamma, implied volatility, beta, alpha, ROI, P/B, RSI, MACD, etc… fvcking way she wants to go to THAT!!

          • UncleBuccs

            I’ve read all of these replies. Auntie just loves going out of town, no matter what. Juice, if it was NYC, she would flip out with excitement. She’s yet to visit there.

        • DaJuice

          This is why I said NYC…

          • Todd Powers

            Bucs and Rahagar, my wife is a retired bank CEO and might get a hard on listening to our trader speak. Might be good, might be bad.

  15. surplusdroids

    This year…no can do.
    Next year. Yes. Definitely interested if it becomes a recurring event.

    Never been to Vegas. NYC is convenient for me.

  16. Izzy

    Will his winship be there also? I am interested in learning about options but am currently at special ed level. Is there a minimum base knowledge required?

  17. 2mugs

    OA & Chess, I’m not passing that up. Chose Q1 because we are loaded for the remainder of this year. Eagerly awaiting more details.

  18. delaughterc

    an ibc 8-16 O8 full kill table makes vegas sound better

  19. DaJuice

    Q1 but preferably 2nd half of April

  20. delgotit99

    If you build it…we will come.

  21. Quality Control Inferno
    Quality Control Inferno

    I chose Q1 simply because this market is crazy stupid right now and may just stay that way the rest of the year.

  22. operator1

    Vegas. Bunny ranch. In please!

  23. Trent J

    Jeff, Would this be open to only members of premium content (I am) but I may have others interested.

  24. Badduck

    Miami in December? Hmmmmm,

  25. bluestar

    Vegas Baby Vegas. You look so Money!

  26. MRBIG

    any excuse to go to Vegas is always acepted and one that is tax deuctible……..why not have one a month

  27. gj

    Jeff – What about SLC? Ski resort conference. Maybe you get hometown discount.

  28. Option Addict

    I used to do these in Park City. Not a terrible idea.

    • gj

      Its because I am smart. Sorry, older guy here, tired of Vegas … saying that, as one of your longest tenured followers I will post wherever you decide.

  29. jbran

    I am moving this fall, Alaska to Washington, so the fall time frame won’t work for me. January would be better. The energy seems to be pointing to the fall slot, which would’ve been my first choice.

  30. hattery

    I apparently need to see whatever movie that keeps being referenced in the “I can be a friend to you” thing.

  31. hattery

    Also on my list… Danny Mcbride this is the end.

  32. inloworbit

    How about Sedona or Lake Tahoe? Also, the wine list should be top notch and the ribeye at least 2 inches thick.

  33. The Speculative Pig
    The Speculative Pig

    Vegas is the second to a Park City ski weekend, and The Whales Vagina aka San Diego a close 3rd…

    • Quality Control Inferno
      Quality Control Inferno

      I’ve never been to San Diego and want to go, so I’ll make this my 2nd choice. NYC is way down the list.

  34. budh

    Make it Portland! Did you ever watch Portlandia?

  35. bushwacker

    Viva Las Vegas, baby! NYC…(crickets)

  36. Quality Control Inferno
    Quality Control Inferno

    Definitely Vegas. Trading stocks by day, degenerate gambling by night. This is how I envisioned my life when I was 21, 22. I’m 30 and this has not come to fruition. I NEEEEEED this. 😉

  37. Hammy

    OA, off topic, but I’m interested in learning about trading options. To do that, my plan is to considering join and follow your premium service for a month or so. Sorry if this is a repeat question, but can you recommend a book to read in order to educate myself and best utilize the premium club? Thanks in advance.

  38. momotrader

    Hey OA!
    Are you playing LULU through Sept. Earnings? TY very much!

  39. max_rene

    Cool Idea but I reside in Europe…maybe next year we have one in Switzerland…

  40. lemony_steve

    Hammy, I think the educational video’s he’s got on the TA website are far better to start off with than any books… Also if you join afterhours, there is a 5 night “beginners guide to options” videos back in the history and a really good 5 part series on trading breakouts… I learned more in those videos than I ever did reading books on this stuff.

  41. drj_md

    Vegas is great although Park City would be fantastic too. Put myself in for fall but year-end could work.

  42. J Livermore

    Will Le Fly attend the conference?

  43. mrboulders

    preference for early next year March/April only because this fall/winter is so busy at the boulders house. But I’m there regardless of when it happens. Vegas makes the most sense for most people, logistically, I would think: Every major center has direct, inexpensive flights to Vegas.