Brief Communication


I gotta run out the door in a sec, but I just wanted to say this.

I think Gold is a short the rip situation, it’s touching that critical point (use your charts), and unless it moves constructively up and over I think we will see more elbow room on the dips than on the rips.

The bond market is in a big head and shoulders formation, currently in the process of breaking the right shoulder to the downside. Now IF this happens to be legit, this will signal a major turn lower in the bond prices, which has implications.

I’m watching the ES futures and 1624, it is critical, with potential starting a multi-day draw lower. I might look to play it. However the larger channel remains up, and I will continue to buy dips in a careful way. I believe in Wallboard speak the market is “looking pretty great!”, and I’m not going to try to limit it with my pre-conceived┬ánotions of what the market is supposed to be like.

Maybe the S&P should go to 3000. I don’t know.

Ride the wave. Sometimes u gotta duck under.


2 Responses to “Brief Communication”

  1. short and informative!

  2. week and a half later and you’ve already forgot usdjpy is killing everything that moves.
    and its playin out just like it did y2k
    tole ya so

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