Japanese Yen Drops, US Traders get Day Drunk


Back from lunch with some friends, on a patio. Which was nice. There is still snow on the ground. Honestly, fuck weather.

I’ve noticed a odd correlation with Calgary weather prices, and crude prices. I want to get a friend to do a real study on it. Like the one he did, when I told you that USD.CAD was very Oil correlated (88%). That’s my lucky number by the way. My birthday has a lot of 8’s in it.

Feeling good. I’m on a quest to become a hard motherfucker, partly inspired by Rhino, and CTT, among others. Now I’m doing all this, I feel like calling people out on their laziness; this is a urge I have to repress.

USD.JPY is surging higher. I bow to my defeated enemies.

In pivot points there is Daily, which works in conjunction with Weekly, which works in conjunction with Monthly, works in conjunction with Yr’ly (YEARLY). Today Yesterday’s close (gap support) + Monthly S1 NASDAQ 2740 was obviously a buy. I missed the buy, as I made the egregious mistake of not pressing buy, directly after making money shorting for peanuts. That’s that thing I try to avoid… As I’m super bullish and don’t like it when my actions don’t reflect my thoughts. I’m in a new lane though, just have to wait for Monday.

I will post more detail on Numbers, for some reconnaissance  and explanation this weekend.

I sold DOG, but stayed in SDOW based on the DOG Yearly S2. If the market drops 10%, I make 30%, which is a good thing.

Hang Loose in the face of adversity, so as to not miss the short squeezes that inevitably occur.

Straight headed, Focused, Humble.

Have a good weekend, dawgs.

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