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New iPad Rumored To Be in the Works

“New Apple product rumors from reliable sources have been few and far between lately, but this weekend the generally dependable 9t05Mac reported that a new iPad model is in the works. It’s not a brand new device, but rather a new SKU in the fourth generation iPad with Retina Display lineup. 9to5Mac’s source is saying that this will be offered in both black and white, with both Wi-Fi and cellular options, and that it will join the existing models rather than replace them.

While the source didn’t specify storage capacity as the differentiating factor, there is evidence that a 128GB iPad is in the works. References to such a device exist in iOS 6.1, the beta of which is already in developer hands, and in iTunes 11. Another possibility is that this will be a SKU aimed solely at education and government customers, 9t05Mac points out, since their source says it will be available in special 10-packs for educational institutions, but the higher capacity device theory makes sense for a number of reasons beyond just evidence found in software code….”

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Ichan Allegedly Takes Down Some Pieces of $HLF

“Activist money manager Carl Icahn and his deputies have told other investors that he has taken a stake in Herbalife Ltd., HLF -2.45% joining a heavyweight battle that has already drawn prominent hedge-fund managers William Ackman and Daniel Loeb.

One of the investors said Mr. Icahn bought a “small” position in the nutritional-supplements firm after Mr. Ackman unveiled a large bet against Herbalife stock and called it a pyramid scheme during a Dec. 20 presentation.

Mr. Ackman, whose Pershing Square Capital Management has sold more than 20 million shares short at a cost of more than $1 billion, has said regulators would shutter Herbalife.

It was unclear Wednesday where Mr. Icahn, a veteran of numerous skirmishes with corporate executives and other investors, housed his Herbalife shares and how large his stake is, or even if he still owns the stock….”

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NYP: Carl Ichan Takes a Stake in $HLF

“Herbalife became very popular recently when activist investor Bill Ackman deemed it a pyramid scheme and said the stock price was going to zero.

Yesterday, high-profile hedge fund manager Dan Loeb came out and said Ackman’s claim was wrong and joined the other side of the bet.

Now The New York Post is reporting that Carl Icahn is on Loeb’s side in the bet favoring Herbalife:

Ackman isn’t on the good side of fellow activist investor Carl Icahn either, sources added…”

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Ratings Upgrades Being Talked About for EU Periphery Countries

“The much-maligned peripheral economies of the euro zone are showing some encouraging signs, leading to talkof a revaluation which would have seemed optimistic for most of last year.

Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain all reported current account surpluses in late 2012, which has led someto suggest that the worst of the crisis is coming to a close.

There are fewer economists who, like Jonathan Loynes of Capital Economics, believe that Greece is “likely” to exit the euro zone and the crisis will “re-escalate”this year.

“It’s a different scale of problem. We do not have the same potential for Europe to generate systemic risk we had a year ago,” Stephane Deo, head of European economic research at UBS, told CNBC.

“The euro breakup call has been proved entirely wrong. The economy is recovering. European imbalances have been reduced massively, half of the GDP of Europe is now in countries which are able to stabilize their debt-to-GDP ratio.”

He argued that there is a case for further re-rating of peripheral euro zone countries, if growth improves unexpectedly or Spain goes into the European Central Bank’s new bailout-lite,the Outright Monetary Transactions (OMTs) program, earlier than forecast….”

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Researcher: Poor St. Louis Minorities Targeted for Secret Cold War Chemical Testing

“ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – A St. Louis researcher says she’s discovered proof that poor, minority neighborhoods in St. Louis were unwittingly part of Cold War chemical studies.

The aerosol was sprayed from blowers installed on rooftops and mounted on vehicles. ”The Army claims that they were spraying a quote ‘harmless’ zinc cadmium sulfide,” says Dr. Lisa Martino-Taylor, Professor of Sociology, St. Louis Community College. Yet Martino-Taylor points out, cadmium was a known toxin at the time of the spraying in the mid 50′s and mid 60′s. Worse, she says the aerosol was laced with a fluorescent additive – a suspected radiological compound – produced by U.S. Radium, a company linked to the deaths of workers at a watch factory decades before.

Martino-Taylor says thousands upon thousands of St. Louis residents likely inhaled the spray. ”The powder was milled to a very, very fine particulate level.  This stuff travelled for up to 40 miles.  So really all of the city of St. Louis was ultimately inundated by  the stuff.”

Martino-Taylor says she’s obtained documents from multiple federal agencies showing the government concocted an elaborate story to keep the testing secret. “There was a reason this was kept secret.  They knew that the people of St. Louis would not tolerate it.” She says part of the deception came from false news reports planted by government agencies.  “And they told local officials and media that they were going to test clouds under which to hide the city in the event of aerial attack.” Martino-Taylor says some of the key players in the cover-up were also members of the Manhattan Atomic Bomb Project and involved in other radiological testing across the United States at the time. “This was against all military guidelines of the day, against all ethical guidelines, against all international codes such as the Nuremberg Code.”

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Demopublicans Report Progress on a Potential Fiscal Cliff Deal Ahead of the W.H. Summit

“Democratic and Republican sources involved in negotiations reported some progress Friday toward a potential deal averting the “fiscal cliff” ahead of an afternoon summit at the White House between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders.

Negotiations revolve around permitting taxes to rise to Clinton-era levels on incomes above $400,000, the level in Obama’s last offer to Republican House Speaker John Boehner before their negotiations fell apart earlier this month. Such a deal would also extend unemployment benefits and delay the imposition of across the board budget cuts….”

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Rumor: Apple Is Testing The Apple TV In Secret, No Rush To Launch

Much has been said about a potential Apple TV set in the past few years, but it would appear that a source out of Foxconn has said that testing is already underway on Apple’s HDTV. The source, speaking under the condition of anonymity, explained that Apple is using LCD panels ranging between 46 inches and 55 inches.

However, don’t get too excited just yet. According to FocusTaiwan, which spoke directly to the source, a 2013 launch is less than likely.

Rumors of an Apple TV set have been flying around for years, despite the company calling it more of a “hobby.” Since, Tim Cook hinted publicly that Apple certainly has plans for a TV set, but didn’t go into too much further detail…”

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New IPCC Climate Fraud Evidence Leaked

“The IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s) 5th Assessment Report due for release in September of 2013, has now been leaked publicly over 9 months in advance on an internet publication called Stop Green Suicide.

One of the reports 800 expert reviewers, a man by the name of Alex Rawls, apparently leaked the report and is backing it with written evidence that cosmic rays are actually the cause of climate change and warming patterns, thus possibly blowing the lid off the whole entire global warming fraud pushed by figureheads such as Al Gore and others.

An excerpt by Leo Hickman reads;

The IPCC, which confirmed the draft is genuine, said in a statement: “The IPCC regrets this unauthorized posting which interferes with the process of assessment and review.

We will continue not to comment on the contents of draft reports, as they are works in progress.”

 Climate skeptics have heralded the sentence – which they interpret as meaning that cosmic rays could have a greater warming influence on the planet than mankind’s emissions – as “game-changing”. “

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$BBY Deal Could Come This Weekend

“The founder of Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) is preparing to make a fully financed offer for the company no later than this Sunday. The offer is expected to be in the range of $5 billion to $6 billion.

According to a report at the StarTribune, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze has lined up financing from bankers and private equity investors, including Cerberus and Leonard Greene & Partners.

When Schulze first made some noise about acquiring the floundering big-box electronics retailer, shares were above $20 and it was generally believed an offer of around $25 a share would be needed to get the deal down. Best Buy’s shares fell below $12 in mid-November, and a per share price of around $17 may get the deal done…”

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Intelligence Expert: West Making Big Money From War Threats

“Last week, the London Times, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a “stealth” Israeli citizen and powerful Likudist leader, ran a purposefully false news story. His “tale” involved the use by Israel of bases within Azerbaijan by drones to plan attacks on Iran.

Azerbaijan’s president quickly denied the report, pledged his solidarity with Iran and demanded a retraction. The Times had no source for the report. It was invented.

Sources tell us the story was run as part of a fraudulent manipulation of oil markets.
Billions were made in hours.

When the “denial” was published, billions more were made through illegal “shot selling.” ..”

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The Great California Tax Hoax: $577 Billion In Hidden Assets

” (NaturalNews) Is California really as bankrupt as its governor claims? Not if you believe in mathematics and accounting. As this story shows, California has hidden away $577 billion in assets, all revealed in CAFR documents (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) that are becoming increasingly well-known.

California’s government, you see, has two main funds in which money is kept. The first fund, which is bankrupt, covers all government activities and expenditures. But the second fund — the hidden “slush” fund with $577 billion in assets — holds all the money the government generates by conducting “nongovernmental” businesses and activities that aren’t officially part of the government. This money is hidden from California’s taxpayers who are repeatedly lied to and told they have to pay more in taxes to prevent the state from going broke.

Click here to see a complete listing of all the nongovernmental funds that Californians aren’t being told about…..”

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Rumor: ECB Considering Bond Insurance for Spain

“MADRID/PARIS (Reuters) – The euro zone is considering aiding Spain by providing insurance for investors who buy government bonds in a move designed to maintain Spanish access to capital markets and minimize the cost to European taxpayers, European sources said.
One senior European source said the plan could cost about 50 billion euros ($64.5 billion) for a year. It would enable Spain to cover its full funding needs and trigger European Central bank buying of Spanish bonds in the secondary market.
If the gamble succeeds, it would achieve two important aims. Spain would be rescued without draining Europe’s entire bailout fund and there would be no contagion to Italy.
Under the scheme, which officials say is under consideration in Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Rome, the euro zone’s new permanent rescue fund (ESM) would guarantee the first 20 to 30 percent of each new bond issued by Spain.”

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