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{PHOTOS} TSA Agents Go Through Blogger’s Things, Tell Her to “Get Your Freak On Girl”

Frequent travelers may be used to finding an official note from the Transportation Security Administration alerting them that their checked bags have been searched, but rarely does the TSA take the opportunity to get a little more — or a lot more — personal with travelers.

But that’s what one blogger said a TSA officer did based on an unusual note she found in her luggage today. Jill Filipovic, a blogger atFeministe.us, tweeted a picture of the TSA notification on which, alongside the official form, someone had scrawled “GET YOUR FREAK ON GIRL” in big capital letters.

“Just unpacked my suitcase and found this note from TSA,” Filipovic tweeted. “Guess they discovered a ‘personal item’ in my bag. Wow.”

Attempting to discreetly explain the “personal item” to commenters on Feministe, Filipovic wrote it was “the most basic lady-thing you can imagine.”

Filipovic had traveled from Newark, New Jersey, to Dublin, Ireland, over the weekend and had just this morning opened her luggage. She said that except for when the bag was checked — from the time she packed to the time she unpacked — she had been with the bag, meaning it was unlikely an elaborate practical prank by a friend. She said the fact that the note was left on the TSA notice led her to believe a TSA officer had written it.

A spokesperson for the TSA said that they are “one of several entities” that handle checked bags and that at this time there is “no concrete evidence who wrote the note.”

Still, the TSA said that “if inappropriate conduct is discovered, TSA [will take] appropriate disciplinary action.”

Initially, Filipovic wrote on her blog that the note was “total violation of privacy, wildly inappropriate and clearly not OK, but I also just died laughing in my hotel room.”

But upon further reflection, Filipovic told ABC News she believed it to be “offensive” and said she’d likely be filing a complaint with the TSA once she returns to the U.S.

“I hope they do see the complaint, they’ll look into it and remind their staff that going through people’s personal belongings is a responsibility that should be treated with some modicum of professionalism,” Filipovic said.

The TSA said it opens checked bags for hand inspections if any alarms are sounded during the screening process and the TSA inserts the inspection card after the search.



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Occupy Detroit impeded by cold, rainy weather

The 100 or so assholes camped out in the middle of a Detroit park (ironically dedicated to and adourned with the statues of business men who would be ashamed to live here nowadays) have thankfully had to suffer some of the most miserable, rainy October weather imaginable, up to now.

May the plagues against them continue…

Read here:

The past week’s weather hasn’t always been conducive to their cause, with rainy days and cold temperatures, but members of the Occupy Detroit movement say they’re undeterred and will stay the course at their encampment in Grand Circus Park downtown.

“We’re still basically a work in progress, but I continue to remain wildly optimistic about what we’re accomplishing here,” Sarah Coffey, 38, one of the volunteers in charge of organizing the group’s informational meetings, said late Sunday afternoon.

“In order for us to transform society, we have to bridge the differences between the races and classes. And when you stop to think about it, is there any better spot to begin than in Detroit?”

Ann Arbor residents Marcia Mai, 59, and Bob Davis, 87, said they came downtown to observe what was happening.

“We’re here to show some solidarity with the young people, and it’s great to see they’re actually doing something about the gross inequalities that exist in the country,” said Mai, who said she did her share of protesting during the 1970s.

“I’m encouraged because people are here and they plan to remain for the long term,” Mai said. “And why not? Their future has been impacted by a loss of jobs and homes, and the fact that they’re committed to being here is very moving to see.”

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IRONY ALERT: Occupy Wall Street Drummers Demand $8,000

Last night’s General Assembly meeting in Zuccotti Park was “one of most contentious ever,” in large part due to a heated debate over whether the drummers at Occupy Wall Street should be given $8,000 from the movement’s coffers to buy more drums and equipment. It seems some of the drums were stolen or vandalized, and the drummers asked the General Assembly to help them regroup. “We have worked for you! Appreciate us,” one drummer told the crowd, but the appeal was denied, and the Huff Post’s Craig Kanalley tweeted, “Drummer who didn’t get money from GA tonight now yelling, cursing at members of GA.” Meanwhile, another member of the drum corps was lashing out at the Community Board meeting.

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BREAKING FUCKING NEWS: Zuccotti Park Residents To Tone Down the Drumming

The drummers claim that the finance working group even levied a percussion tax of sorts, taking up to half of the $150-300 a day that the drum circle was receiving in tips. “Now they have over $500,000 from all sorts of places,” said Engelerdt. “We’re like, what’s going on here? They’re like the banks we’re protesting.”

All belongings and money in the park are supposed to be held in common, but property rights reared their capitalistic head when facilitators went to clean up the park, which was looking more like a shantytown than usual after several days of wind and rain. The local community board was due to send in an inspector, so the facilitators and cleaners started moving tarps, bags, and personal belongings into a big pile in order to clean the park.

But some refused to budge. A bearded man began to gather up a tarp and an occupier emerged from beneath, screaming: “You’re going to break my fucking tent, get that shit off!” Near the front of the park, two men in hoodies staged a meta-sit-in, fearful that their belongings would be lost or appropriated.

Daniel Zetah, a 35-year-old lead facilitator from Minnesota, mounted a bench. “We need to clear this out. There are a bunch of kids coming to stay here.” One of the hoodied men fought back: “I’m not giving up my space for fucking kids. They have parents and homes. My parents are dead. This is my space.”

Other organizers were more blunt. “If you don’t want to be part of this group, then you can just leave,” yelled a facilitator in a button-down shirt, “Every week we clean our house.” Seth Harper, the pro-drummer proletarian, chimed in on the side of the sitters. “We disagree on how we should clean it. A lot of us disagree with the pile.” Zetah, tall and imposing with a fiery red beard, closed debate with a sigh. “We’re all big boys and girls. Let’s do this.” As he told me afterwards, “A lot of people are like spoiled children.” The cure? A cold snap. “Personally, I cannot wait for winter. It will clear out these people who aren’t here for the right reasons. Bring on the snow. The real revolutionaries will stay in -50 degrees.”

“The sunshine protestors will leave,” said “Zonkers,” a 20-year-old cleaner and longtime occupier from Tennessee. (He asked that his name not be used due to a felony marijuana conviction.) “The people who remain are the people who care. You get a lot of crust punks, silly kids, people who want to panhandle … It disgusts me. These people are here for a block party.”

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Harrisburg, PA, Is Officially Taken Over by Commonwealth

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed legislation Thursday that allows for the takeover of the capital city of Harrisburg, according to the governor’s spokeswoman Kelli Roberts.

The bill empowers the governor to declare a state of fiscal emergency in Harrisburg and petition for the appointment of a receiver.

The receiver would be charged with drafting and implementing a long-term recovery plan.

“I remain a strong proponent for municipal governments tackling their own problems and coming together to develop a fiscal recovery plan when necessary,” Corbett said in a statement.

“But when that fails to happen, the state has to take action to ensure public safety.

In a bid to resolve its debt crisis, the Harrisburg City Council voted 4-3 on Oct. 11 to file for a Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy.

The action immediately generated conflict between the City Council and the mayor, Linda Thompson, and the state legislature and the governor.

All dispute the legality of the Council’s action in filing for bankruptcy.


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