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A Few Words on Occupy Wall Street

Not sure why, but i have refrained from posting anything on this matter. Perhaps with the alleged hundreds of thousands   of protesters it will be hard to ignore as they have pledged to protest until new years.

At any rate, protest you may if you apply for the permission to do so. Don’t fuck up other peoples lives or your cause will be lost.

To the idiot who was quoted…well i do not think they are all hippies; get some glasses you working pleb.

As for the protesters…well I’d rather see your fervor in a get out the vote campaign.

Perhaps a few hundred thousand of you could tie up the phone lines at every congressman’s office. Perhaps try a calling campaign upon the banks themselves to make a shake up. But please don’t go Euro trash despite the foul play of the police.

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Mid Afternoon Fun: Freetopia

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zNnaeD09C8&feature=player_embedded#! 450 300]

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EXPENSIVE GUIDOS: MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ costs taxpayers $420K

TRENTON, N.J. – September 15, 2011 (WPVI) — MTV’s “Jersey Shore” GTL motto might now stand for gym-tax credit-laundry instead of gym-tan-laundry.

The state Economic Development Authority on Wednesday approved covering $420,000 of the production costs for the hit reality series’ inaugural 2009 season.

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon told the Statehouse Bureau of The Star-Ledger of Newark and The Record newspaper he can’t believe taxpayers are paying “for fake tanning for `Snooki’ and `The Situation.”‘

The show centers on the cast living it up along the beach and boardwalk in Seaside Heights.

Seaside Heights Mayor P. Kenneth Hershey says the local economy gets a boost when the cast is in the town.

Gov. Chris Christie suspended the film tax credit program in 2010 to close a budget deficit.


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“The rent’s too damn high,” to quote Jimmy McMillan, former New York State gubernatorial candidate.

And for Donald Trump, that’s true when it comes to rent in cold hard dollars, given his sharp criticisms of the Federal Reserve’s open fire hydrant of dollar printing and the Obama Administration’s fiscal policies.

Which is why, for the first time ever, Trump will accept today gold bullion instead of dollars for a lease deposit from his newest tenant in one of his marquee properties, 40 Wall Street, a 70-story skyscraper in Manhattan’s Financial District that at one time was the tallest building in the city until the Chrysler Building surpassed it. Trump will accept the gold at an event in the lobby of the Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue.
Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/2011/09/15/trump-accepts-gold-instead-dollars-from-tenant/#ixzz1Y2EwXWY9

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