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AMERICAN CULTURE 2011: Vinny from Jersey Shore Is Now a Columbia Professor

Apparently Vinny Guadagnino, the big-dicked guido from Jersey Shore, the greatest sociological experiment of our time, was a guest speaker at a Columbia sociology class yesterday. And it sounds like the students weren’t too happy about it.

Vinny got up and spoke about bullying inProfessor Diane Vaughn’s “Mistake, Misconduct, and Disaster” class. I mean if it weren’t for those three things, there wouldn’t even be a Jersey Shore. Vinny was invited by a student of the class who’s also an intern at Do Something, the anti-bullying organization that Vinny works with on the regular. He speaks loudly and, uh, carries a big stick.

TMZ says one student asked, “What gives you, as a cast member of Jersey Shore, the right to interrupt this class and then lecture us on setting a good example?”

That’s a very good question, but I have an answer. Didn’t you hear that Jersey Shore is now a suitable topic for academic debate? Just ask the New York Times which covered the Jersey Shore Studies conference last Friday at the University of Chicago. Not only did I attend, but I presented as well. And I spent the entire day talking about Vinny, Snooki, Deena, and race, gender, class, and sexual politics. Pick up the Foucault, everyone, and throw it at your TV screen, because if you’re not applying it to Jersey Shore then you are not on the cutting edge of academia. That said, I have a whole academic presentation (which the Timescalled insightful and entertaining) all set to go entitled “Stereotype, Authenticity, and the Warped Reality of the Jersey Shore” and I’m willing to travel to Columbia or any other university that will have me. You’re not going to be the only one to get an honorary PhD out of this show, Vinny.


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IPCC climate report was authored by kids

I think I busted a rib from laughing…

A scathing new expose on the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change — which sets the world’s agenda when it comes to the current state of the climate — claims that its reports have often been written by graduate students with little or no experience in their field of study and whose efforts normally might be barely enough to satisfy grad school requirements.

Grad students often co-author scientific papers to help with the laborious task of writing. Such papers are rarely the cornerstone for trillions of dollars worth of government climate funding, however — nor do they win Nobel Peace prizes.

“We’ve been told for the past two decades that ‘the Climate Bible’ was written by the world’s foremost experts,” Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise told FoxNews.com. “But the fact is, you are just not qualified without a doctorate. In academia you aren’t even on the radar at that point.”

The IPCC insists that the lead authors of individual sections of its climate report are indeed the pre-eminent experts in their field.

“These authors are nominated by governments and selected based on expertise,” a spokesman told FoxNews.com. “Author teams on IPCC chapters are a mix of individuals who have excelled in their fields of specialism.”

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#OWS Rap Video


[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9zkQcLi4Yo&feature=player_embedded 450 300]

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Capitalists Seek to Trademark #OWS #Occupy

Being part of that 1 percent sounds good to them!

A Long Island couple dreaming of cashing in on the Occupy Wall Street protests has filed for trademark rights to the movement’s name so they can peddle bumper stickers, T-shirts, beach bags and other gear bearing the OWS logo.

Robert and Diane Maresca paid $975 for the application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 18.

Robert said he might even share some of the profits he could make with the protesters — if he can figure out who to give the money to.


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