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Gun Shows Are Still Incredibly Busy

A gun show in Montgomery County drew a huge crowd on Sunday, despite calls for stricter gun control after a shooting rampage at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

If gun control advocates were hoping the scale of death at Sandy Hook Elementary School would dampen enthusiasm for the purchase of guns, the line of people waiting to get in to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center was evidence to the contrary.

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Stevie Cohen from SAC Could Very Well Be Fucked

Two days before Dell Inc. (DELL) was set to report second-quarter 2008 earnings, Jon Horvath, a technology analyst at SAC Capital Advisors LP, e-mailed his boss Michael S. Steinberg and another portfolio manager to warn that the computer maker would miss earnings estimates.

“I have a 2nd hand read from someone at the company,” Horvath began the Aug. 26 message, which provided details on gross margins, expenditures and revenue. “Please keep to yourself as obviously not well known.”


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Breakthrough: Doctors Cure 6 Year Old With Leukemia by Giving Her HIV

Doctors suggested they sign Emily up to a clinical trial that would use a disabled form of HIV to carry cancer-fighting genes into her T-cells (disease fighting cells). The hope was that this would re-programme her immune system to recognise the cancer cells and start killing them.
Several adults had already been enrolled in the study at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and had responded well, but as it was so new the treatment wasn’t without risks. But time was running out for Emily, who is also known as Emma.
Mr Whitehead said: ‘We were told that we were down to 48 hours of making a decision or she could start having organ failure.’
They comforted themselves with the knowledge that even if the treatment didn’t work, it would provide doctors with information that could help them save other sick children.

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A welcome home parade is being planned, no doubt.

A lawyer for John McAfee said Tuesday a judge has ordered the software company founder released from a Guatemalan detention center where he has been fighting being returned to Belize.

Lawyer Telesforo Guerra said the judge notified him verbally of the ruling, but added that it may take a day for formal written notification to win McAfee’s release, possibly as soon as Wednesday.

Judge Judith Secaida did not immediately return phone calls seeking to confirm the ruling.

Guerra said Secaida ruled that McAfee’s detention was illegal, ordered him released, and gave him 10 days to put his immigration situation in order. It was not immediately clear if McAfee could get some kind of temporary or transit visa to allow him to leave Guatemala.

He has said that he wants to return to the United States with his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend. Guerra agreed that that would be his best option.

“For me, it’s best that McAfee go to the United States, that’s definitely the country where he will be safest,” Guerra said. “In Guatemala, he runs the risk that anything could happen to him.”

McAfee was detained last week for immigration violations after he sneaked into Guatemala from neighboring Belize. He had been on the lam for weeks before that, avoiding Belizean police who want to question him in the fatal shooting in November of a U.S. expatriate, Gregory Viant Faull, who lived near his home on a Belizean island.

McAfee acknowledges that his dogs were bothersome and that Faull had complained about them, but denies killing Faull. Faull’s home was a couple of houses down from McAfee’s compound in Ambergris Caye, off Belize’s Caribbean coast.

McAfee has said corrupt Belizean authorities are persecuting him, something officials in Belize deny.

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Remember Obama’s Gift to Iran? Iran Admits to “Stealing” All of the Secrets of US Drone

Obama chose not to destroy the drone after it crashed. This is the result.

An Iranian military commander claimed Monday that the country has stolen all the secrets held by a high-tech American surveillance drone that crashed in Iran last year, according to Iranian news reports.

“All the intelligence in this drone has been completely decoded and extracted and we know each and every step it has taken,” said Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Commander of the Aerospace Division for the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard, according to an English-language report by Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency.

Another Iranian outlet, Press TV, reported that Hajizadeh said that data gleaned from the drone showed that it was not spying on the Iranian nuclear program – a story Hajizadeh said the Americans had spread “as an excuse for hostile practices.”

The RQ-170 Sentinel drone, a classified unmanned surveillance craft produced by defense contracting giant Lockheed Martin, was on a CIA mission when it mysteriously crashed in Iranian territory last December, according to U.S. officials at the time. Days after the crash, Press TV broadcast video of what appeared to be the drone propped up but in good condition. Iranian officials said then they were going to set about analyzing the advanced aircraft.


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The John McAfee Saga Continues

Tony- I know all about the white man’s set up am glad you decided to talk to me Juni. You and I we are going to plan how to make a bomb so that it explodes on that mother fucker. Believe me Juni I know all of the men that are working for him. The one with a big belly got me fired . That was when me and the guy from Spanish town where there

.Juni- All of them are on your side right?

Tony- Yes they are, all of them are going to get that fucker. And Noel (Codd), that mother fucker, that same fucker is the one that called the white men and was told him things about me . That same big belly coolie guy told me that noel was passing information to the white man. One morning I got up an got on in the bus and that’s when the coolie guy told me that Noel has been telling the white men stuff.

(A girl enters near the conversation)

Juni- So yes miss Rosealin you act like you don’t know people any more.

Rosealin- Who are you talking to?

Tony- It’s junnie girl. Dorrothie, come here!

(Another womn enters near the conversation)

Dorothie-what do you want?

Tony- You’re passing by an acting like you don’t see me or hear me calling you. So, are you okay?

Dorothie – Yes, for now.

Tony- So my little friend here love’s you. To the other woman: Are you Ms. Gilbert

Rosealine Yes.

Tony- We all love you and don’t mean to offend you. You are turning back like we are offending you.

Juni – let her go out. Yes ms rose later.

Tony –cool it okay see what I mean. You I have one of those in my yard. I bought them from colmoyote. I heard it from a freind that someone gave it his freind to drink and by morning he was dead. If it was me that someone was fucking with I would want to barrow a gun from one of my buddies.

Juni- Where, over there?

Tony –No boy. Back of the pea tree. I am going to wait and as he come out am going to shoot him.

Juni-so you are saying you are going to wait for the white man by his gate right?

Tony-yes in the middle of the gate pointing straight at the glass. He is fucking with me man

juni- You are going straight to the (police) station

Tony – Cross that off. It is not to hard my friend

juni- Not at all

Tony-he is fucking with men out here and act like he is god he is going to get fucked. Because I was a BDF (Belizean Defense Force) I now have something that’s round. I could give it to you. you pull the pin like this. You walk pass the gate and when no one notices then you pull out the pin you turn it then a lot of them are going to get fucked. Once you pull the string and throw it, it will explode But the main man I want to fuck is him. The other guy is cool

Juni- Who is the other guy? Erik?

Tony- Yes, he his is cool. He is different.

Juni- yes he is a cool guy, you have seen the guy more than one time right.

Tony- yes I have seen him I had my gun on my shoulder me an him are good. But on other hand, Noel, that mother fucker, I want to fuck him up. He is the white man’s informer.

Juni -so here is the plan. For noel we are going to deal with him. With the white men we are going to plant the thing there then we are going to call the higher officials and tell them were the thing is planted. And then tell them about Noel as well, then there are both going to get fucked.

Tony- Don’t worry about anything

Juni- Boy look here!

Tony- Can you give me some paper (money)?

Juni -Sure here.

Tony- I want one more smoke dude I appreciate it ill see you later junnie.

Juni -okay

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