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18 years in Wall Street, left after finding out it was all horseshit. Founder/ Master and Commander: iBankCoin, finance news and commentary from the future.

Most Heavily Shorted Stocks Price Movers

(Ticker, % of float sold short, today’s gain)
1 LNG 31.6 +32.64
2 CSKI 16.6 +12.42
3 BONT 21.1 +8.24
4 EK 26.9 +5.82
5 AVNR 20.1 +5.41
6 CBST 17.3 +5.36
7 RNOW15.1 +4.71
8 CLWR 30.2 +3.47
9 LNET 31.9 +3.45
10 GMCR 24.5 +3.37
11 YOKU 36.39 +3.34
12 SKY 25.6 +3.29
13 BWLD 16.4 +3.23
14 NVTL 17 +2.69
15 HUSA 17.6 +2.41


(ticker, % of float sold short, today’s loss)

1 SHZ 54 -12.1
2 CAVM 17.7 -6.96
3 UTA 17.5 -6.8
4 CSR 23.1 -6.11
5 LCC 19.3 -5.5
6 MHR 18.8 -4.53
7 BIOD 20.7 -4.46
8 NETL 23.4 -4.37
9 OSBC 15.8 -4.26
10 CCRT 21.3 -4.13
11 CISG 26.09 -3.88
12 ENTR 50.4 -3.24
13 CIEN 32.8 -3.24
14 RXII 24 -3.23
15 SATC 19.9 -3.16

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Oil Strong and Tech Weak in Early Trade

Within oil/gas, HERO (+14%) CQP (+16%), LNG (+34%) and PDC (+5.5%) are leading the charge higher, thanks to escalating violence in God’s sandbox. On the other hand, tech stocks are getting poleaxed, led by losses in FNSR (-35%), OCLR (-17%), OPXT (-16%) and JDSU (-12.8%).

With strength in crude, Airline stocks find themselves on the receiving end of egregious homo-hammers, while refiners, as well as most oil related stocks, trend higher— ever so gingerly.

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BEHOLD: The iBC Financial News Network

Starting immediately, Mr. Caine Thaler will be leading the charge to provide macro/news related items for iBankCoin. Additionally, all of you small dogs, as well as staff writers, may participate in this new venture of mine. Should any of you feel the urge to post an editorial or news related item, inside the Peanut Gallery, there will be a box for you to check that will say “news.” Should you have the courage and the internal fortitude to check it, your drivel will be exported to my new box, named “The iBC Financial News Network.”

Upon being populated there, instantly, you will be greeted by beautiful woman and people will ask for your autograph. Tier one brokerage firms will send hookers to your apartments, in an attempt to woo you. However, all said attempts will fall flat, as you are a dedicated iBC Newsroom attendant, whose job is to deliver news items in a way that will appall, yet amaze, all of those who read it.

Why am I doing this?

Because I can. It’s as simple as that.

Should any of you stand out, as always, you might earn a spot here on iBC and partake in all of the advertising riches that come our way. In addition to that, you will have full use of our corporate jet and access to our news penthouse suites, located in the mountainous region of Azuga, Romania.

Be well and blog like the fucking wind men.

NOTE: Make sure your titles are relevant to the contents of the post, else I will murder you where you sit.

NOTE 2: iBC Financial News Network will have its own Twitter acct: @iBC_fn. Follow us here.

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