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Crack Spreads Dropping

Crack spreads are continuing to decline, down another 3.5% to $21.29, coming off of Monday’s high of $24.79. Refinery related stocks are weak, led by losses in WNR, HOC and VLO.

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Tokyo Water is Now Safe!

Japanese officials issued a press release declaring that tap water in Tokyo proper is now safe, even for babies.

Feel free to drink as much as your heart desires.

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Korean Smartphone Users Pass 10 million

The Korean Communication Commission is reporting Korean smartphone users have surpassed 10 million, just 16 months after the iPhone was launched there. Moreover, they are projecting that number to surge to over 20 million by the end of this year.

Note: we are talking South Korea here. The baboons in the North are still using tomato cans and wire.

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Footage from Misrata

The struggle to behead Ghaddafi continues.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2mw-JseOIs&feature=player_embedded 550 400]

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Today’s Top Performing ETFs

No. Ticker % Change
1 NUGT 7.08
2 GAZ 6.59
3 BDD 5.51
4 AGQ 5.34
5 SIL 4.96
6 BXDD 4.16
7 JJT 4.14
8 PSLV 3.97
9 CU 3.96
10 XIV 3.83
11 GDXJ 3.60
12 GDX 3.56
13 CZM 3.52
14 DRV 3.48
15 EDC 3.27

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Smoke Emanating From Reactors 1-4

Things are looking dicey again at Fukushima, with elevated radiation levels and smoke billowing from reactors 1-4.

Related: the NIKKEI opened up 0.4%

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Video of Syrian Massacre (extremely graphic)

The Syrian government slaughtered many people yesterday, none armed.
No word on whether Obama and the French intend on sending in sorties.

[YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXRBxtZHBtk&feature=youtu.be 550 400] [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO8idyrtXMI&feature=youtu.be 550 400]

And here are the protests to the atrocities committed yesterday in Daraa

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=910COswBi3k&feature=youtu.be 550 400]

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Another Chinese Fraud: CHME


Co is currently conducting an internal review to determine the degree of material inaccuracy of the previously issued financial statements and the underlying causes. The Company is currently unable to quantify the extent of the required accounting adjustments pending completion of its internal review. As a result, the Company is unable to estimate the anticipated change in its results of operations for the fiscal year 2010 as compared to those in 2009 as of the date of this notification.

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Investors Continue to Flee Chinese Listed Stocks

Thanks to outright fraud from a number to Chinese listed name here in the US, investors have been shooting first, asking questions later.

Here are some of today’s big losers.

CAAS -12%
DGW -12%
JGBO -12%
YONG -10%
CBEH -10%
SIHI -10%
BONA -7%
DANG -6%

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Gold/Silver Stocks Surge

Despite dollar strength, investors piled into precious metal names today, as gold and silver surged to new highs.

AUMN +24%
MGH +13%
UXG +11%
GPL +10%
KBX +8%
HMY +8%
MMG +8%
EGI +7%
GRS +6%
AG +6%

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Today’s Biggest Winners

Ticker % Change
AUMN 24.1
MOBI 22.05
SYMX 21.71
FSII 18.66
FACE 17.03
AEHR 16.38
OMEX 15.92
VRML 15.7
KV-A 14.75
BSDM 13.87
MGH 12.82
TXCC 12.55

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Crack Spreads Moderate

Spreads pulled back by another 4.4% today, following yesterday’s 5.5% decline, down to $22.

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