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Ukrainian Rulers aka Nazis Surrender Sovereignty to EU

“Amid massive public opposition and behind-the-scenes globalist scheming, the new regime in Ukraine took a major step toward surrendering the nation’s sovereignty to the Brussels-based European Union super-state. In exchange for giving up self-government and independence to the unelected, perpetually expanding EU bureaucracy that now dominates policy across the 28-member bloc, Ukraine will be able to sell its exports without paying tariffs. Meanwhile, armed conflict continues to rage across wide swaths of Eastern Ukraine as the death toll rises.

As part of the far-reaching scheme between Kiev and Brussels, known as the “Association Agreement” and the “Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area,” Ukraine’s economy and society are set to be radically restructured under the supervision and dictates of so-called “eurocrats.” The avalanche of regulations and decrees coming from the EU will also be imposed. The Ukrainian people, as with other peoples under the thumb of the EU, will have little say in the process.

Unsurprisingly, the establishment and the rulers of Ukraine and Europe celebrated the plot. The self-styled “president” of the EU,Bilderberg operative and unelected “global-governance” monger Herman Van Rompuy, for example, claimed the agreements with Ukraine are “milestones in the history of our relations and of Europe as a whole.” Speaking at the signing “ceremony” in Brussels, Van Rompuy, who regularly calls for “convergence” with Moscow, also claimed that people in Kiev and elsewhere “gave their lives for this closer link to the European Union.”

In reality, of course, even Western polls going back to the start of the foreign-backed uprising in Ukraine showed significantly less than half of the public supported closer ties to the sovereignty-destroying super-state. Other surveys of the population suggested that even fewer backed the EU agreement, despite fiendish globalist efforts to portray the sole options for Ukraine as oppression from Moscow or Brussels. However, as with virtually everything about the emerging regime in Brussels, the voice of the people matters little — indeed,EU “integration” has itself taken place largely in direct defiance of voters.     

Ukrainian “President” Petro Poroshenko, meanwhile, claimed while signing the thousands of pages of “agreements” last week in Brussels that June 27 was “maybe the most important day for my country after independence day” in 1991, following the supposed “collapse” of the Soviet Union. “All of us would have wished to sign the agreement under different, more comfortable circumstances,” he added. “On the other hand, the external aggression faced by Ukraine is another strong reason for this crucial step.”

The controversial deals with the EU are essentially the same plot that ousted Ukrainian “president” Viktor Yanukovych was set to sign in November. However, under pressure from Moscow, which offered a more enticing “aid” package, the now-deposed former ruler in Kiev backed out at the last moment. With plenty of help from globalists such as George Soros and others at the Council on Foreign Relations, Western-backed forces helped stir up riots and eventually an armed uprising against Yanukovych’s corrupt regime…..”

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