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W.H. Drums Up a Campaign to Suspend Russia From the G-8

“THE HAGUE—President Barack Obama, seeking to shift the trajectory of the crisis in Ukraine, will press U.S. allies Monday to suspend Russia from the Group of Eight leading nations and to adopt more sweeping sanctions against the Russian economy, administration officials said.

Mr. Obama will argue for those steps in an emergency meeting Monday evening with leaders of the world’s top seven economies, held on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in The Hague, officials said.

“We believe that there is no reason for the G-7 countries to engage with Russia going forward based on its behavior,” Ben Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser said. “We believe those broader sanctions are necessary.”

The idea of expelling Russia from the G-8 has been floated ever since Moscow sent forces to occupy the Crimean region of Ukraine three weeks ago, but the comments from the administration represent a formal public recommendation for doing so.

U.S. officials are seeking a sharp response out of Monday’s meeting to send a strong statement to Moscow, as they expressed growing concern over Russian troop movements along its borders and over the possibility of further military incursions.

Mr. Obama, in a one-on-one meeting with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, also emphasized the importance of nations respecting the sovereignty of others, officials said.

“We would find it a constructive step for them to refrain from supporting Russia’s action,” Mr. Rhodes said, adding that Mr. Xi told Mr. Obama that Beijing wants a political solution in Ukraine.

“It matters if traditional friends of Russia cannot express support for their position,” Mr. Rhodes added…..”

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