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The UN Would Like to “Alter Your Views” & Create “One World, One Sustainable Development Agenda.”

“The United Nations is currently working on a far-reaching plot, developed with radical Obama administration policy architect John Podesta, to “profoundly and dramatically” alter your “worldview” in the name of shackling humanity under a UN-managed “universal sustainable development agenda.” According to the controversial report produced for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon by a team of establishment “eminent persons,” within the next six years, no realm of the human experience will escape the “profound transformation” toward “a new paradigm” demanded by globalist bureaucrats.

The UN document, while packed with contradictory machinations, essentially outlines what establishment proponents of global government have long described as a “New World Order.” In essence, the UN panel called for a top-down restructuring of human civilization under the guise of tackling poverty, “unsustainable” activities, and “climate change.” The international outfit and its mostly dictatorial member regimes will set the agenda, with regional, national, and sub-national governments expected to foist it on humanity.

Literally every person on Earth must submit and contribute, the planetary establishment claimed on multiple occasions in the radical document. It was not immediately clear what would happen with those who refuse.

The report on the “Post-2015 Development Agenda,” dubbed “A New Global Partnership: Eradicate Poverty and Transform Economies Through Sustainable Development,” was compiled and endorsed by a “High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons.” Under the plan, expected to be discussed later this year at a UN meeting in New York, a planetary treaty on “sustainable development” would drastically transform everything from government and the economy to society and even individuals’ beliefs.

“Perhaps the most important transformative shift is towards a new spirit of solidarity, cooperation, and mutual accountability that must underpin the post-2015 agenda,” the report says. “This partnership should involve governments but also include others: people living in poverty, those with disabilities, women, civil society and indigenous and local communities, traditionally marginalised groups, multilateral institutions, local and national government, the business community, academia and private philanthropy.” In other words, everyone and everything.

Even your own mind and beliefs are in UN crosshairs. “The new global partnership should encourage everyone to alter their worldview, profoundly and dramatically,” the report explains. Fox News editor George Russell, who first reported on the extreme effort, described it as “a colossal and sweeping form of global behavior modification.” In fact, the UN plan, which has been in the pipeline for decades, goes well beyond even what Russell described.

“A renewed global partnership will require a new spirit from national leaders, but also — no less important — it will require many others to adopt new mind-sets and change their behavior,” the report continues, adding that the shift must get all countries to move “willingly” toward the UN’s radical and “universal” agenda. “These changes will not happen overnight. But we must move beyond business-as-usual — and we must start today.”

Among the primary justifications for the radical schemes are fighting “poverty” and so-called “climate change,” which the UN continues to blame on humanity despite the total implosion of its theories and models. On poverty, meanwhile, the UN has openly announced its intentions to reduce standards of living worldwide — along with population levels — and implement totalitarian controls over the economy. Every credible economist knows such anti-market measures will drastically slash material prosperity.

A key section of the report goes under the headline “One World: One Sustainable Development Agenda.” Of course, the terms “sustainable development” and Agenda 21 will be very familiar to readers of The New American. Under the guise of so-called “sustainability” — a perpetually shifting scheme that at its core considers human beings, national sovereignty, liberty, and prosperity to be problems in need of solutions — the UN has long been seeking to expand and centralize coercive power at the global level….”

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