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Jim Rickards and His Currency War Simulation


[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdPkaCTdxBU 450 300]


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  1. drummerboy

    great video.this needs to go viral.every american needs to open their eyes and protect themselves.i think i can say with good authority about how the chinese are,and think………i was married to one. we were high school sweet hearts, we lived together,were married for six months.the biggest mistake i ever made as a young person. was so glad we never had any off spring. to them,triumphs are racked up by how they can out maneuver and screw the next guy,as if it were a game. pretty much, the sneakier they can be,the more they think they have won. rickards knows the score,and kudos to him for being able to front run them. but the chinese hold all the aces in this game,only because are leaders were/are asleep at the wheel. but so long as they have “theirs”,they could give two craps about the very people that pay them. there is no concern for us,there never was.

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