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Senator Lindsey Graham: “Let’s Just Blow Up Iran” (Video)

“Warmongering South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has decided to skip straight over Syria and convince Congress to attack the sovereign nation of Iran. Senator Graham must not have gotten the message when Vladimir Putin politely warned Barack Obama hands off of Syria and now Graham believes that the US can launch humanitarian love bombs at Iran’s nuclear facilities, an attack he’d hope would go unanswered. Senator Graham’s office can be reached at 202-224-5972. From Truthstream Media.:

The Republican Senator from South Carolina announced on Saturday that he is going to officially approach Congress to seek military authorization for a strike on Iran to destroy the nation’s nuclear program.

Is this a signal that Iran was the goal of Syrian intervention all along? Senator Graham has been warning that if we don’t bomb Syria, it will lead to war with Iran within six months.

Graham has a long history of warmongering, especially when it comes to Iran.”


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