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$DB Puts Out a Report on 33 Stocks That Will Outperform

“Deutsche Bank’s U.S. Equity Strategy team led by David Bianco are concerned about stock market volatility in the near-term as interest rates rise.

“The S&P should stay above 1525 given tentative signs of 10yr yields stabilizing around 2.5% and unshaken oil prices and Euro,” wrote Bianco. “A further near-term jump in yields could spark fears of a surge and dislocate credit, FX, and commodity markets, but this is not likely.”

However, he continues to be bullish on the long-run. He sees the S&P 500 at 2,000 by the end of 2015.

With this framework in mind, Bianco and his team offer 33 buy-rated stocks on his latest “What To Buy Now” list.

Each have a market capitalization over $10 billion, a price-earning ratio on 2013 EPS below 20, 2013 EPS growth above 5 percent, and a net debt to market cap ratio below 30 percent (excluding Financials).

Full report

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