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$FB Phone Expected Shortly, You May Never Buy Minutes Again

“………..MG Siegler, partner at venture firm CrunchFund and notable tech blogger, thinks a Facebook phone could turn carriers into the “dumb pipes they were meant to be.”

He writes:

Presumably, [Facebook will] have at least one on board with the HTC phone. Facebook has been making a lot of noise about “free calls” within their Messenger apps — this could all but destroy the notion of cellular “minutes”.

Of course, that writing has been on the wall for some time. Data phones are the way going forward. Still, the carriers must be a little scared of the post-minutes, post-SMS world that this Facebook Phone highlights. It’s a huge change. The carriers are finally becoming the dumb pipes they were meant to be.

This particular Facebook phone may not be the device that mucks up their business models forever. But carriers have to know their days of making easy money on minutes are numbered.”

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