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Consumer Protection Agency Wants $HLF To Go Under FTC Microscope

“The National Consumers League wants the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation on Herbalife.

“Herbalife’s business practices have recently come under intense investor scrutiny, and NCL is now calling on federal regulators to examine both the claims lodged against Herbalife and Herbalife’s responses,” wrote the NCL in a press release.

The recent scrutiny was triggered by Bill Ackman and his hedge fund Pershing Square Capital.

Ackman has accused Herbalife of being an illegal pyramid scheme, and he’s convinced the stock will go to $0.

Pershing Square was quick to file its response, which Business Insider has obtained.

Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Issues Statement Regarding National Consumers League’s Call for FTC Investigation into Herbalife….”

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