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Short at Your Own Risk in the Month of March

“The last time we looked at the “hazardous” days for shorting in January and February, we found something very simple – being a bear on POMO days, or those days in which Ben Bernanke makes it his life’s mission to personally annihilate anyone who dares to face his money-spewing helicopter-printer with something as pathetic as a sense of reality and a frontal lobe, leads to certain immediate or eventual destruction, depending on one’s margin level. So thanks to the most recent monthly update of POMO days covering the month of March, here is Ben Bernanke at his most helpful, providing the schedule in which he, the NY Fed, and the Primary Dealers will proceed to rip the heads off those who happen to be short in the face of what are the now daily GETCO stop hunts that send the S&P higher by 5-15 point in minutes on, well, absolutely no news, except for the usual deluge of between $1 and $5 billion in additional purchasing handed over by Chairman Ben to the banks because, you see, they need the money. And sooner or later it will trickle down on everyone else.

Below are the March POMO days….”

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