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Old People to Steal From the Young Through Entitlement Spending

Let me just say that this is a crock of shit.

All of you in the media, business, and government should be ashamed of this position.

Granted entitlement spending is a big problem, but it is not the seniors fault they are living longer. It is not the seniors fault that government spending is reckless.

It is not the seniors fault that our country has diminished into a banana republic.

Perhaps our government, should get is fiscal house in order, collect taxes from multi nationals, get rid of corporate welfare, and cut down on their own entitlements.

I mean really, does Nanci Pelosi and tons of other millionaires really need pensions of $800k+? Do millionaires really need to collect entitlement spending? Do we really need to have 500 plus military bases around the world where the costs of air conditioning outspends feeding the homeless or education?

If one pays into a system then one should get back….and remember adjusted for inflation the get back is not as great as you think compared to the put in.

Take your Atlas Shrugged attitude and fuck off.

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