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Will Politicians Avoid Sequestration by Friday ? Not Likely Say Analysts

“Chances are slim that Congress will avert the automatic spending cuts before they take effect on Friday. It’s more likely lawmakers will reach a deal to replace the cuts after they begin.

Funding for numerous federal agencies and programs will be slashed, half from defense and half from nondefense spending.

Generally speaking, both parties say they don’t want the cuts to kick in as planned.

Just how the cuts would be replaced — if they are — remains unclear, however.

Scenario 1 – Shutdown threat pushes Congress to act: The current measure funding the government expires on March 27. Known as a continuing resolution, that law is separate from the one that mandates the automatic cuts. It sets spending levels and authorizes the government to continue operating.

If lawmakers don’t agree to new funding levels soon, the government will shut down on March 28 and remain closed until Congress reaches a deal.

A shutdown wouldn’t bode well for either party. Most government offices and services would be shuttered. The only exception: services deemed “essential” — those related to the safety of human life and protection of property. Taxpayer money would be wasted in the process because it costs money to close the government and to ramp it back up when Congress reaches a deal.

The urgency to avert a shutdown might spur lawmakers to agree on a replacement of the automatic spending cuts as part of a final deal…”

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