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Rush Limbaugh Asks CNN: How Would You React If Bush/Cheney Tried To Use Executive Order On Abortion? (VIDEO)

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  1. ottnott

    Bush/Cheney did just that in 2001.

    Bush Issues Order Blocking Abortion Funds

    Jan. 22

    On the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion, President Bush has issued an executive order stopping federal funding of international family-planning groups.

    “It is my conviction that taxpayer funds should not be used to pay for abortions or advocate or actively promote abortion, either here or abroad,” said Bush in a statement issued by the White House late this afternoon.

    This was the “gag rule” which banned any US funding for overseas family planning or health organizations that provided any abortion counseling or abortions, even if those organizations used non-US funding for those activities.

    Another Bush executive order put severe limitations on stem cell research to satisfy abortion opponents.

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    • JakeGint

      You mean in accordance with the Hyde Amendment, passed by the duly elected Congress?

      Nice try, asshat. Let’s see what Congressional backing Chavez-on- the-Potomac uses to back his attempt to defenestrate the 2nd Amendment.

      I’m popping corn. How much farther can Jimmy Carter drop into the rear-view mirror, do you think?

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      • ottnott

        The asshat don’t fit, because the Hyde Amendment covers something different.

        The Hyde Amendment restricts the use of public money to pay for abortion services.

        The Gag Rule said that federal money couldn’t be given to an organization overseas, even for non-abortion services, if that organization provided abortion services with other funds.

        You can’t see the difference? Bush could, which is why he bothered with the executive order.

        The Hyde ama

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  2. JakeGint

    Always remember the Left’s mantra;

    “Two wrongs always make a right, and why stop at just two anyway?”


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