Monday, December 5, 2016
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Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan: ‘1776 Will Commence Against If You Try To Take Our Firearms’

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  1. Mad_Scientist

    Very entertaining.

    Unfortunately since Jones became a 9/11 truthtard he leaves himself vulnerable to douchebags like morgan making a fool of him on live tv. Can’t win an argument with Jones? Can’t debate his points or his facts? Ok, easy victory: Just ask him who did 9/11 and then the world sees he’s an idiot so his other arguments must therefore be equally insane.

    And that my friends is how Alex Jones makes a mockery of otherwise worthwhile efforts such as gun rights activism.

  2. ottnott

    Not 1775?

    Maybe Jones thinks that the Minutemen at Lexington, Concord, etc., were actually British agents.

  3. tangohotel

    Terrible debater, this Alex Jones. He posits that these shootings are all due to serotonin reuptake inhibitors and the shoot ’em up games? Almost as foolish as blaming the problem solely on the lack of gun control. Couldn’t this problem be multivariate in nature?