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PressTV: Israeli Death Squads Involved in Sandy Hook Bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

“In truth, the public may well just be sick of hearing stories about “lone gunmen.” Of all possible horrors, this one, even more than the Benghazi killings, is loaded with political implication, not just “gun control,” but a clear attack on the security of every American family.

Days later, the Sandy Hook Massacre, the iconic slaughter of twenty small children, is now looking like a terrorist attack, not a “murder suicide.” Was “lone gunman” Adam Lanza a “patsy,” the same word Lee Harvey Oswald used to describe himself before being “silenced” in November 1963?

Today, Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, in an internationally televised news broadcast, cited “Israeli revenge” in, what he called, “the terrorist attack in Connecticut.”

Harris cited Israeli “rage” against the US and against President Barack Obama. By “Israel,” we mean “Netanyahu.”

The mission was to teach America a lesson, knowing that “America would take the punishment, keep “quiet,” and let a ‘fall guy’ take the blame.”

A “fall guy” is another word for “patsy.”

Harris, citing the flood of inconsistencies in the “cover story,” pointed out the following, “The facts are now becoming obvious. This is another case where Israel has chosen violence and terrorism where their bullying in Washington has failed. Israel believes the US “threw them under the bus,” particularly after the recent Gaza war, allowing Israel to be humiliated in the United Nations. Their response was to stage a terror attack, targeting America in the most hideous and brutal way possible, in fact, an Israeli “signature attack,” one that butchers children, one reminiscent of the attacks that killed so many children in Gaza?”

Washington is terrified of Israel, their powerful lobby and its relationship with organized crime. Now, a key former Senator, Chuck Hagel, who has helped expose this fact, is likely to be nominated as the secretary of defense, despite vocal protests from Israel.

Today, Israeli news gave further credence to Harris’ analysis when they issued the following statements regarding the probable nomination of Hegel:

“Chuck Hagel’s statements and actions regarding Israel have raised serious concerns for many Americans who care about Israel,” said the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director, Matt Brooks. “The Jewish community and every American who supports a strong US-Israel relationship have cause for alarm if the president taps Hagel for such an important post.”

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  1. The Fly

    What sort of horseshit is this?

    No evidence, just crazy opinion?

  2. ottnott

    These articles post themselves. The site is just a middle man, doncha know?

  3. ottnott

    I’m too old for banning. My union contract says I go down the stairs violently or I don’t go at all.

  4. juice

    everyone knows zionist pigs were behind this … and obama himself

  5. drummerboy

    this whole thing still hasnt passed the smell test.

  6. hattery

    uhhhhh….. Israel? Evidence? No? There isn’t any?

  7. Mad_Scientist

    This is pure antisemitic trash. hatemongering bullshit.

    neonazis only know how to do one thing: Blame Jews for everything. They blame Jews even for the sunrise. That you would post this sick absolute bullshit is disgusting cronkite.

    Do you have an interest in inciting anti-Jewish riots Cronkite? Or some other perturbed fantasy?


    while it is a crazy point of view, it is out there….
    no interest in inciting riots, but merely an interest to post what is available on various topics.
    My fantasy is to post anything and everything while not being killed as a messenger.

    • Mad_Scientist

      Not all views are valid. Some are just trash.
      By not editorializing the headline in some way – a headline which you yourself chose – you give the impression that you believe this “story” or fact-less “point of view” is legitimate.

  9. Woodshedder

    And to think that you guys got bent at some of the stuff I would post. 🙂