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Gore Demands Cooperation of Global CO2 Taxing to Boost His Own Profits

“Al Gore justifies his extravagant lifestyle by purchasing carbon credits to offset his CO2 emissions in an attempt to appear to be living “carbon neutral”. Gore owns a corporation called Generation Investment Management, LLP (GIM) that is chaired and partially owned by Gore. However, Gore simply invests in his own carbon tax investment firm to maintain profits and claim carbon credits purchased.

GIM states that they are “dedicated to long-term investing, integrated sustainability research and client alignment.”

Gore and David Blood created GIM, which represents 16 nations and influences sustainable research through employed “investment analysts and leaders.” By pushing sustainable development, GIM uses studies to assess a corporation’s value based on summations of long-term performance as determined by GIM. The challenges of sustainability are devised by international factors, costs and externalities that are “interlinked with climate change crisis and poverty, pandemics and demographics, water scarcity and migration/urbanization.”

In order to hock their fear-mongering on greenhouse emissions, GIM asserts that capital markets and capitalism must “transition from a high-carbon to low-carbon economy” so that eco-fascists are assured the power in a premeditated new Industrial Revolution. Stressing this “fact”, the GIM believes that “sustainable solutions will be the primary driver of industrial and economic development for the coming decades.”

Gore says that “integrating issues such as climate change into investment analysis is simply common sense.” There is an expectation that within the next 25 years “sustainable development will be a primary driver of industrial and economic change.” Gore affirms that investing with GIM will maximize corporation’s “financial return by strategically managing their performance in this new economic, social, environmental and ethical context.”

The GIM sees “long term environmental, socioeconomic and governance challenges” can be quelled with the control of a corporation’s ability to contribute to the profitability of sustainability. GIM can focus attention to global markets through the allocation of corporations that support their schemes.

According to the GIM’s report entitled “Thematic Research Highlights”, published in 2007 outlines how by claiming that man-made climate change is real, and carbon markets are the answer to staving off the effects of this hoax, sustainability can be implanted into the psyche of governmental leaders, corporate heads and individual citizens to create viable investment opportunities for profitability for the GIM and aligned corporations.

The GIM is furthered by the efforts of The Generation Foundation who is supported by:

• World Resources Institute
• Natural Resource Defense Council
• The Climate Reality Project
• Global Impact Investing Network

The Generation Foundation also works with:

  • The Carbon Disclosure Project who “provides a secretariat for the world’s largest institutional investor collaboration on the business implications of climate change, now representing $31 trillion of assets under management.”
  • The European Social Investment Forum that endeavors to “encourage and develop sustainable and responsible investment and better corporate governance.”
  • The International Corporate Governance Network that is investor-driven and who demands that they be an authority on “corporate governance” and issues that affect international control.
  • The UN Global Compact who is comprised of international corporations that have “citizenship” as a network of private sector corporations and social actors to “advance corporate citizenship and universal social and environmental principles to meet the challenges of globalization.”…”
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