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Leave a Bad Angie’s List/ Yelp Review–GET SUED: $ANGI, $YELP

Better think twice before you slam a business with a bad review on Yelp – one Virginia woman is being sued for it.
Jane Perez was slapped with a $750,000 lawsuit by Dietz Development after she publicly logged complaints about construction work the building contractor performed on her home.
In her write-ups on the popular business review sites Yelp and Angie’s List, Perez accused the company of damaging her house, trespassing and stealing jewelry.
‘Bottom line,’ she wrote on Angie’s List. ‘Do not put yourself through this nightmare of a contractor.’
Perez is only the latest online critic to find herself in court over negative comments post online.
In 2009, a San Francisco man was sued by a chiropractor after he posted a Yelp review accusing the business of over-charging him. That suit was settled out of court.
A Chicago plastic surgeon sued three women in 2010 after they wrote online accusations that he gave them disfigured and misshapen breasts after surgery.
In September, a Pilates studio in Virginia sued two Yelp reviewers who complained that the business smelled like mildew and that the staff was unfriendly

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    What’s the point of leaving a negative review, under your real identity, if you can get sued for it?

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