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A Look Inside White Collar Prison

You are awakened every morning at 6:00 sharp.

No rolling over and catching a few extra minutes of sleep. The lights are on, bright and unrelenting, and you can’t turn them off.

You could use the extra sleep, though, because you never — ever — get a good eight hours. Every night, without fail, you are awakened at midnight, 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Every single night.

But there is no time to dwell on that this morning, or any morning.

You have exactly 90 minutes to shower, get dressed, make your bed — no, you can’t let that go for today, or any day for that matter — get some breakfast and get to your job, where the most you will ever hope to make is $1.15 an hour.

Welcome to life at the Federal Correctional Institution at Sandstone, the low-security federal prison in Northern Minnesota where Marc Dreier is serving a 20-year sentence for conspiracy, fraud and money laundering.

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