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Must Read: America Voted For National Suicide

This brings me to my last point and to my most controversial one. In observing those election results I have become convinced that this nation, as we once knew it, is a house divided, to the extent that it cannot survive in its present form. There is absolutely nothing “UNITED” about these United States of America.

Among my close friends, I have been speaking to this topic for more than a decade now, having become convinced as far back as the 2000 election, that the nation was headed down the road to dissolution. Let me explain…

As a commodity futures trader, my task is to study TRENDS, particularly longer term trends and by so doing to hopefully profit thereby. There are trends in markets but there are also trends in a society. The trend in this society is an increasing divide between two diametrically opposed political ideologies.

The first of these is conservatism. Those who adhere to this view, and I include myself in this camp, believe in a system of limited government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers. The powers of the federal government are few and well defined with those not specifically delegated to it by the Constitution remaining within the providence of the individual states. “Unalienable” rights procede from God, and as such, are not subject to intrusion upon by the state. The state exists to protect and preserve these “rights”.

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  1. ultramarine

    Wow, amazing and emotional article. I’ll share it with people at work tomorrow.

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  2. juice

    yeah, while those who voted against GWBush or any other choice weren’t happy who won, they took their medicine but when those who voted against Obama lose, they wanna take their ball & go home or move to christian, white New Zealand. Babies, rather losers, take your medicine.

    I didn’t really give a shit who won. If the people spoke & picked Romney,, so be it. The majority chooses & the rest have to suck it up. Obviously those who lost don’t believe in choice, since they know better what is right for everyone.

    As a famous man once said: “”Anyone who thinks they know what’s best for 300 million people is a titanic asshole. So we’re just voting for king of the assholes.” “

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    • JakeGint

      That’s the point you miss, Bruce.

      If you vote for the one side (the “won” side) then you actually ARE voting for a “king.”

      If you vote for limited gov’t you are voting for the party that does not wish for a king.

      That’s what the author means about “diametrically opposed points of view.”


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