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Disseminating Truth From Lies in the Heat of a Campaign

“WASHINGTON (AP) — And now, to conclude, a few parting misstatements.

Come Wednesday, or sometime later if the election result is still in the balance, only one man will be left standing and the loser’s inventory of misleading claims, out-of-context assertions and warped-reality advertising will fade into some inglorious corner of history. But we’re not quite done with them yet.

In campaign speeches that serve as closing arguments, President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney are still at it. Romney is still misrepresenting the impact of Obama’s health care law on your wallet. Obama is still masking the sticker shock of his plan to tax the rich.

Call it a perfect storm of Frankenfacts. Here’s a sampling of the claims coming from the stump and the airwaves in the campaign’s 11th-hour tempest:”

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