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Bringing Data to Life

Great article by Derek Hernquist:

Shortly after I met Brian Shannon, he pulled out a folded piece of paper with his watchlist for the week. As he does every weekend, he had gone through hundreds of charts and noted by hand the ones he wanted to consider further. I chuckled at its archaic nature and said I thought Art Cashin and I were the only ones that scribbled notes by hand. Then we did Art proud with a few drinks and some chart scribbling on cocktail napkins.

As I read about other great market operators, I continue to see that many do the same.  A blog post on Ralph Acampora. An old video with Linda Raschke. A podcast with Ralph Vince. Everywhere I turn, I’m reminded that the optimal analysis of data is a physical act. By keeping records this way, we are engaging in deliberate practice and activating our intuition to help us make decisions.

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