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BofA Accused of Extreme Prejudice AGAIN

First they were accused and settled a case of racism when it came to selling homes and mortgages. Now they are being accused of maintaining foreclosures better in white neighborhoods vs ethnic and black communities. SHAME ON YOU!

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  1. NoBull

    I think home loans should be totally anonymous.

    Use numbers vs. names
    Stated income vs. real income
    No mention of zip codes

    That way, we all get loans equally regardless of pesky things like location and actual income.

    Bring back the housing crisis Part Deux!

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  2. JakeGint

    Yes, there’s no doubt that with a bazillion ridiculous federal regulations, the world’s largest bank is willy-nilly making an effort to screw over their minority customers.

    It has absolutely zero to do with the state of aforesaid mortgages… instead its about raaaaaaacism!

    Of course!

    (Voting should have an IQ floor… )


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