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Gapping Up and Down This Morning

Gapping up

RTEC +15.1%, CRUS +14.6%, AH +9.9%, ACPW +7.3%, VRTX +6.9%,

NOK +6%, HLF +5.4%, LQDT +4.7%, ASTX +4%, HTZ +3.5%, TXRH +3.1%,

S +2%,  FB +0.6% , AMRS +12.4%, LQDT +4.7% , LQDT +4.7% ,

Gapping down 

PRSS -36.9%, RLD -19.8%, OCZ -15.9%, HUM -12.7%, MMR -9.2%, STX -7.7%,

SPN -5.2%, WCG -4.6%, ANAD -4.5%, BP -4.4%, ASIA -3.9%, BUD -3.3%,

BGC -2.8%, WLP -2.2%, UNH -1.4%, PMCS -9.7%,  CAH -7.6%,  KORS -4.8% ,TIF -3.9% ,

IDIX -2.9%

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$BP Turns in Terrible Earnings Results as the Gulf Disaster Still Haunts Them

“LONDON (Reuters) – BP Plc cemented its status as problem child among the world’s top oil companies on Tuesday with unexpectedly weak quarterly results, slashing $5 billion off the value of its U.S. assets and undershooting forecasts at operating level.

The British oil company, struggling under the weight of litigation over the 2010 U.S. Gulf oil spill and a row with its Russian partners, said both oil production and refining margins fell in the second quarter and would fall again in the third.”

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A Japanese Whale Has Started to Dump Yen

A Japanese pension fund which over sees $1.45 Trillion in assets has begun to dump the Yen as the currency has risen 30% since the fall of $LEH. The Japanese central bank is quietly raising their glass in hopes of a weaker currency.

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The Twitter Hijacking of Stocktwits $ …The Cashtag

It’s interesting that Twitter has hijacked our creation of $TICKER ie. $AAPL. It only took four years to ‘fill‘ this hole, though a few months back they told me in a detailed email it was not a hole they wanted to fill.

You can hijack a plane but it does mean you know how to fly it.

Twitter is about advertising dollars. They have $1 billion of venture money on the line. Lot’s of pressures I am not interested in.

Go check out $HIT or $WAG (walgreen’s) on Twitter search or thousands of other features around curation that we have thought about for 4 years and implemented.

I wonder how well that will do for $FXCM (buying ads on twitter) converting hits from rappers into FOREX accounts.

CNN Money, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, Reuters, Bing, MSN trust Stocktwits with many more partners in the works. If you send a message from Stocktwits it is seen on these sites and their ticker pages.

I am disappointed of course that Twitter is hijacking our idea and time (will only confuse the masses), but Stocktwits moved beyond that basic functionality 4 years ago. In a dirty way, it’s the ultimate compliment so we will take it as such for the moment and keep rolling out functionality that makes us the best real-time communication platform for people that love stocks and markets.


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