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MORE: Twitter Rolls Out Clickable Stock Symbols, or “Cashtags”

via Drew Olanoff at thenextweb.com

Twitter is now rolling out the ability for you to click on stock symbols with a $ sign in front of them. Once you click them, you’ll be able to see all of the conversation about a particular company, much like you would a hashtag.

Now you can click on ticker symbols like $GE on twitter.com to see search results about stocks and companies

Loving our new roll out! Ticker symbols now LIVE! Check out the convos around $APPL $FB 

Now $ + stock symbols (like $GOOG $APPL) are clickable on twitter.com. Feels so nice to see it working on production!!

Sadly, the embeds haven’t been updated to reflect the feature yet.

For example, when you click on $AAPL in a tweet, you’ll be directed to all of the conversations and mentions of that company. A few Twitter employees shared their glee with the wrong symbol for Apple ($APPL). Right now, it looks like Twitter is only making actual stock symbols clickable, as a test of $thenextweb didn’t do the trick.

Twitter   Search AAPL 520x489 Twitter rolls out clickable stock symbols, or Cashtags, so you can keep up with your investments


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