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Documentary: Thunderbolts of the Gods

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Scientists are discovering that electricity plays a more significant role in the universe than previously understood. The theory that has sprung from this new research is called the electric universe theory .

According to this theory:

  • The sun and stars are electrically charged
  • Planetary features, such as creators, are caused by electrical scarring, or super-lightening
  • Cosmic phenomena are electrical such as comet tails, galaxy formations, plumes from Enceladus

Electricity is present wherever plasma is present. This means that because the visible universe is 99.999% in a plasma state, magnetic and electrical fields surround virtually everything.

“Almost all cosmic plasmas that have been studied in detail seem to be penetrated by magnetic fields. The presence of the magnetic fields implies that considerable electric currents must exist in the cosmic plasmas. As has been stressed by Alfvén such currents often have a pronounced tendency to flow in relatively thin filamentary and sheet structures. Nearby examples of this are found in the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth. In situ measurements show that currents here flow in a complex network of filaments and sheets. Also in more distant plasmas like the chromosphere and corona of the sun, the solar wind, and the interstellar medium we find thin structures in the form of filaments and sheets. There is strong evidence that many of these narrow structures are subject to the pinching action of electric currents,” says Per Carlqvist , Swedish plasma physicist of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, at the School of Electrical Engineering in the department of Space & Plasma Physics.

The sun, which is electrically charged , releases positive ions, estimated at 10 billion volts. As electrons enter the sun, they leave as positive ions. The sun’s positive charge acts as an anode in a plasma discharge, as is observed in laboratory tests on Earth.

This means the sun is powered by the electrical charges in the universe and not from elements within itself. The sun’s energy derives from the galactic environment as is hypothesized that all stars behave in this fashion.

The sun then becomes a focal point of the electromagnetic energy found in the universe and not a limited self-energizing ball of gases that are slowly burning themselves up. Because the universe has an endless amount of energy and all forces in the universe are electromagnetic in nature, the sun simply directs the electromagnetic energy in the universe toward our solar system. The effects of this are visible as the cosmological scientific communities.

Apparently, our understanding of the sun and its role is grossly misunderstood.

This theory would also assist in explaining why the solar system is heating up . All the planets are experiencing one form or another of “climate change”; as well as our own planet.



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