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Survey: Gasoline May End Downtrend Shortly

“(Reuters) – Consumers have caught a break from the slowing economy as gasoline prices extended their steep three-month decline, but the cost of filling the tank may soon head back up, a widely followed survey said on Sunday.

The Lundberg Survey said the national average price of self-serve, regular gas was $3.41 on July 13, down from $3.478 on June 22, and from $3.615 a year ago.

That decline was the sixth straight in the survey of 2,500 gas stations, which comes out every other or every third week.

Gasoline prices have fallen 14 percent from a recent peak of $3.967 a gallon set on April 6. The record high is $4.112 set on July 11, 2008.”

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  1. drummerboy

    it’s all an illusion. no one caught a break on anything.gas prices go up in the winter as the “fiscal”year is under way,and then the prices fall in the summer as the “fiscal year comes to an end. the price drop in the summer is based on calculations that decide how much of a c.o.l.a. increase, or not for so-sec. so you wont see much in terms of inflating prices as you would in the winter time. so when they say that we saved money for fuel costs,what they are actually doing is trying to straighten the inflation curve so they dont give cola’s.it’s complicated, and it’s not.

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