LMFAO: Dinosaur Flatulence Caused Global Warming

You just can not make this shit up. Somebody wants carbon taxation awful bad…

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4 Responses to LMFAO: Dinosaur Flatulence Caused Global Warming

ottnott says:

Not a credible source, Cronk.

Per occupycorporatism.com:
“Their latest poly [sic] to convince the public that their unscientific assertions are true is to blame the release of methane by the dinosaurs for global warming.”

Yep. 150 million years ago, so more than a little irrelevant to claims of anthropogenic global warming.

Per occupycorporatism.com:
“Leading scientists have jumped onto Ruxton’s bandwagon to concur that the flatulence produced by the dinosaurs was probably the actual killer of the species.”

What leading scientists? None named in the links. The authors of the dinosaur methane study don’t make that claim. An AP report on the work quotes University of Maryland paleontologist Thomas Holtz dismissing the idea:
“It’s also wrong to suggest the study blames dinosaur flatulence for their extinction, Holtz said. He noted that the sauropods started showing up — and getting gassy — around 200 million years ago and didn’t die off until 65 million years ago.”

Per occupycorporatism.com:
“Basically, because the dinosaurs farted too much, they caused climate change on such a drastic scale that the whole planet was affected by global warming.”

A prominent climate scientist estimated the impact and doesn’t sound very alarming about it:
“NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt quickly ran some calculations based on Wilkinson’s figures. Dinosaur methane would have hiked temperatures about half a degree (0.3 degrees Celsius)”

ottnott says:

Link to one of the news sites using the report by an AP science writer:

Woodshedder says:

Ottnot, here is a link to the paper:

Link to excerpt of curent “Current Biology” issue, showing the full article:


Could methane produced by sauropod dinosaurs
have helped drive Mesozoic climate warmth?
David M. Wilkinson1,*, Euan G. Nisbet2, and Graeme D. Ruxton3
Mesozoic sauropods, like many modern herbivores, are likely to have
hosted microbial methanogenic symbionts for the fermentative
digestion of their plant food [1]. Today methane from livestock is a
significant component of the global methane budget [2]. Sauropod
methane emission would probably also have been considerable. Here,
we use a simple quantitative approach to estimate the magnitude of such
methane production and show that the production of the ‘greenhouse’
gas methane by sauropods could have been an important factor in warm
Mesozoic climates. Sauropod dinosaurs include the largest terrestrial animals known
and exhibit a distinctive body shape, featuring a small head at the end
of a very long neck. Their diversity and geographic range suggest that
sauropods may have been keystone species in many ecosystems during
the Jurassic and Cretaceous [1]. Based in part on data from the
Late Jurassic Morrison Formation (Western USA), Farlow et al. [3]
estimated population densities for sauropods ranging from a few
large adult animals to a few tens of individuals per km2. Specifically,
they estimate that if dinosaurs had an endothermic, mammalian-style
metabolism, then the total abundance of these megaherbivores would
have been 11–15 animals/km2 with a total biomass density of around
42,000 kg/km2. It is, however, very unlikely that large-bodied sauropods
had metabolisms as high as predicted by the assumption of mammalian
metabolism [1]. If instead a reptilian metabolism in assumed, then Farlow
et al. [3] calculate a predicted biomass density of 377,000 kg/km2.

ottnott says:

Yes, thanks. I found and read it before posting.

They basically were curious about what the numbers might be on methane production, applied some reasonable estimates, and found that it might have been a fairly big number.

I think the case against anthropogenic global warming 150 million years ago was already very strong, but this paper seals the deal against the pro-Mesozoic-AGW forces.

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