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Why Dig For Gold? Mom Finds Meteorite Worth 20K

Who knew that hunting for meteorites was such big business?

Meteorites landed in California’s Gold Country several days ago, creating a modern day gold rush.

“I’ve been out here my third day now,” said Robert Clark of Grass Valley. “Found one piece, one gram.”

Gold is so 1840s out here. Meteorites are the new treasure.

“I was really excited for this much,” said Rick Nelson of Grass Valley, who found some gold. “I was more excited for my wife’s find. She found a meteor.”

A couple thousand or so people from as far as Australia and Canada have descended to the area, practically doubling the population of Lotus.

Geologists, treasure hunters and scientists all took a look at Brenda’s find.

“As I opened my hand, there was a huge gasp,” she said.

Scientists have told her what she had in her hands could be 4 to 6 billion years old.

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