Marijuana-Laced Wine Grows More Fashionable in California Wine Country


Wines fermented with weed were a novelty in the early 1980s, but now quite a few California winemakers are producing cannabis cuvées on the sly—with cabernet the variety of choice.

5 Responses to “Marijuana-Laced Wine Grows More Fashionable in California Wine Country”

  1. California legalized reefer a few years ago and now stands on the cusp of bankruptcy. NOW we’re gonna see doped up winos on every damn corner. WAKE UP, HIPPIES!

  2. Cool read. Thanks WS.

    Not my taste, but still, Napa and Mendocino counties are nearby, makes cents (well, we’ll see).

  3. charlie: If you think you’ll find any support here, or ANYWHERE for that matter, taking on a stance against “doped up winos” and or, the use of the term “Hippies” as reference.

    You are indeed wasting your soapbox.
    charlie says “Love that sour diesel” charlie says “Really hits the spot” charlie says “Break out some old red wine”. charlie says “I must be getting old and useless”………

    • Blind Read Ant

      My lament is the incessant proselytization by pot heads.

      I mean, keep that to yourself.

      I don’t shove broccoli in people’s face, I like it and enjoy it a ton, but I don’t get in people’s face about it.

      Weed smokers never seem to get that point.

    • It was a joke HF, I don’t have any issues with citizens who responsibly use alcohol or reefer on their own(paid/worked for) free time.

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