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Because they have the money: Feds plan costly anti-smoking campaign

Washington (CNN) — Federal health officials on Thursday are unveiling a $54 million national media campaign to get smokers to quit and prevent anyone else, especially children, from starting.

The campaign, called “Tips From Former Smokers,” is intended to educate Americans about the dangers of smoking through the stories and graphic pictures of ex-smokers who have suffered severe health consequences of tobacco use.

The former smokers profiled have suffered ailments such as stroke-related paralysis, limb amputation, lung removal and heart attack. One breathes through a stoma, a surgically created hole in the neck through which a person who has undergone larynx or voice box surgery can breathe.

“Hundreds of thousands of lives are lost each year due to smoking, and for every person who dies, 20 more Americans live with an illness caused by smoking,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement.

“We cannot afford to continue watching the human and economic toll from tobacco rob our communities of parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and co-workers. We are committed to doing everything we can to help smokers quit and prevent young people from starting in the first place.”

The ads are the brainchild of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health. The agency says smoking remains the country’s leading cause of disease and preventable death, resulting in more than 443,000 fatalities annually. More than 8 million Americans live with a smoking-related illness or conditions, according to the disease agency.

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  1. Marc David

    Oh but if just one person.. ONE person stops smoking or doesn’t start.. you just can’t put a price on this.

    Hence, it must happen! How could you NOT want to spend $54 million to save a single life.

    Now if you did a stop smoking for an iPad3 or you get an iPad for life as long as you never smoke.

    Now that is a campaign I can get behind as a taxpayer.

  2. Yabollox

    Smokers actually save public dollars as they tend to die sooner. The end of life healthcare costs are about the same for smokers/-nonsmokers. But the extra 15 years non-smokers live on average are costly.

    • Arghhhh!

      But it’s an election year.

    • fake amish

      just another liberal gov program “to help”. of course that has nothing to do with it and even if it did it is still fucking retarded. more than a few dicksuckers are getting a job out of this bullshit. follow the money as always.

  3. Arghhhh!

    Hurray… Guilt people who can’t control it into feeling bad so they can have more reason to repress their urges and have more of a reson to smoke!
    Guilt trips don’t work

  4. Arghhhh!

    You could haVe a campaign on YouTube… Winner wins $1M and it would be way more effective and all the runner ups would help, too.

  5. TJWP

    Just tax cigarettes more – then you can piss that money away on other retarded projects and less people will be able to afford to smoke.