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Marc Faber: Government Will Seize Gold

“Economist Marc Faber, publisher of The Gloom, Boom and Doom report, says the government will seize privately held gold, even as he continues to buy physical gold himself.

“I prefer to play the commodity space by owning physical gold,” Faber tells Chiefsworld. “If I were an American, I would store it outside the U.S., because in the U.S., it is not completely unlikely that they will eventually take it away.”

“Like in 1933, gold will be purchased back by the government” because eventually the financial mess will be so bad that gold prices “will go ballistic, and the government will take away something from a minority, and not many people own gold.”

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  1. Polisci

    Not really. You buy it, you bury it, you “lost” it because someone you never met dug it up and stole it.

    What gold?

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