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Will The iPhone 5 Replace Your Credit Cards?

“We’re rapidly moving to a world beyond plastic,” says Ed McLaughlin. “In many ways, plastic is just convenient packaging.”

McLaughlin heads up emerging payments at MasterCard, and he’s tasked with thinking big on the future of transaction technology. His group has dreamed up loads of creative ways to accept payments, from hacking an Xbox Kinect to pay-by-hand motion, to implanting NFC tech in ultrabooks, to scanning irises to prevent credit card fraud. But while many may find the wild future of post-plastic payments interesting, most consumers have just one question which they desperately want answered: When, oh when, can I start to pay via smartphone? Read More..

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  1. Scavenger

    The easiest and safest way to prevent so-called ID theft via payment method is to pay with cash.

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  2. Jakegint

    NFC Tech?

    Is that like the Giants’ defensive game plan this weekend?


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