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Can Americans Get Off the Dole ?

A record 49% of U.S. households are on some form of gubmint crack. The question is how will they get weened off it ?

Wow: “63 percent of all federal spending this year will consist of checks written to individuals for which the government receives currently no services, the White House budget officeestimates. That’s up from 46 percent in 1975 and 18 percent in 1940.”

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Meet OWS’s “Think Tank”


He’s a fucking anthropologist anarchist.

“I have arrived at a point where I can write about whatever I want.”

Apparently you need to teach at a university to write about nothing. That’s funny, I would have figured I could have done that without formal training and experience.

Have a chuckle here:

When he’s not busy brainstorming how to tear apart and rebuild America’s democratic system, David Graeber prefers to think about simpler things, like why we still don’t have flying cars.

Graeber, a professor at the University of London and a widely respected anthropologist, has achieved a new level of fame in recent weeks for his early influence on the Occupy Wall Street protests that began in New York City and have since spread around the world. The Wall Street Journal declared Graeber to be “the single academic who has done the most to shape the nascent movement,” while Bloomberg Businessweek declared him to be the “anti-leader” of Occupy Wall Street who generally abstains from the limelight even as his writings, including a new book on the history of debt and the influence of money, serve as an “intellectual frame” for the protesters.

Indeed, when MainStreet managed to reach Graeber by phone, his focus was light-years away from the protests, as he was busy working on an article about his disappointment that the world doesn’t yet have technology like flying cars, robots and other futuristic technology that one might have hoped would exist by the 21st century. As Graeber puts it, “I have arrived at a point where I can write about whatever I want.”

Flying cars probably aren’t the future that protesters are marching for around the world, but then again few can say for sure precisely what the demands of each protester in Manhattan and Oakland and Rome actually are, not even Graeber, who is based in London and shuttles between protests on a fairly regular basis.

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