SHOCK PHOTOS: China Rubs Transfer of Wealth in America’s Face


If you had any doubt about The Fly’s recent post entitled, “The Decade that Destroyed the West,” check out these pics from the new headquarters for a state-owned pharma (Harbin Pharmaceuticals) company in China:





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10 Responses to “SHOCK PHOTOS: China Rubs Transfer of Wealth in America’s Face”

  1. Well we know what happened in 1789 to the inhabitants of Versailles. LOFL

  2. What else are they going to use all those Dollars they are stuck with for? The Bernank will see that the rates stay at zero until the Fat Lady sings, after all…

    China didn’t *make* the US send all its jobs to China and China didn’t force the US to go deeply in debt to their nation, right?

  3. Yeah but the furnishings are made in China.

    Looks like Disney or Trinity Broadcasting studios.

  4. Weird. Why the hell do Chinese come to America and work in American pharmaceutical companies, when they could have luxury like this in their home country? Something doesn’t add up.

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