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Chart Chompers Delight

Today the markets got crushed. The question is where do we go from here ? chessNwine has a good vid to help you decide.

Right now The PPT reads 1.7 coins on the SPY hybrid score.  The overall market hybrid is 2.47

We have seen as low as 1.44 hybrid on the SPY before seeing a reversal so keep that in mind.

A look at the longer term charts show support @ 1244, 1220, and strong support @ 1200.

Also keep in mind that volume was huge today. But on a weekly chart the volume is just above average.

With all the derivative action behind the markets i’ll bet this is not over yet. Hope i’m wrong.

“Good Luck and Good Night”


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You’ve Been Hood Winked Into Austerity

One could say the “State” has created a fictional fear in your mind in order to relieve you of your benefits…..little by little you see.

Others will say that would involve a tin foil hat.

This article takes an interesting point of view in consideration of our national debt.

The question posed is can you let go of your fear ?

Full article / video

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More Stimulus and QE3 Is Coming

As predicted by many the deflation recession is stronger than many think. Bernanke did say he would manipulate asset prices. The question is how will they serve up shit on a silver platter so the public will agree upon it. On second thought when has the fed ever cared about image ?

Full article

Jump On It Bearded Clam

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Buy Till the End of July? NO WAY

Do you think that the equity market has been good till just the other day?


Except for a handful of favorite stocks, there has been deterioration for months…

Look at some industry groups…Thanks to Bespoke

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Pfizer sales down

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE – News) showed further weakness in its main business of prescription medicines, sending shares down more than 3 percent on concern over future growth as the company prepares to divest better-performing non-pharmaceuticals businesses.

The world’s largest drugmaker saw sales declines in primary care, specialty care, branded generic and oncology medicines during the second quarter. One of the few bright spots was that drug sales grew in emerging markets. (For a graphic on Pfizer’s earnings, see: http://r.reuters.com/vuf92s )

That could mean it is more vulnerable ahead of the U.S. patent expiration in November on its top-selling Lipitor cholesterol fighter. Generic competition has already begun to chip away at overseas sales of the $10 billion-a-year drug.

Pfizer said global prescription drug sales fell 3 percent in the quarter to $14.64 billion, and were down 7 percent after stripping out the benefit of the weaker dollar. Lipitor worldwide sales fell 8 percent to $2.59 billion.

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Cramer: disregard everything I just said

Just when I bring myself to post one of his pieces; a good one, I would add; the man reverses himself inside of 24 hours.

Complete one-eighty, to be viewed here:

Maybe it’s the large cash position we have on hand in our ActionALertsPlus portfolio. Maybe it’s the sigh of relief — audible for me even as it seems to be inaudible for so many other people — but I want to do some buying here. I know the hazards:

1. Unknowns in the budget bill

2. Anemic hiring

3. Inflation

4. Lack of leadership

5. European woes

But guess what. We’ve dealt with all of those before, and they didn’t kill us. The systemic risk, the crisis risk of the president’s invoking the 14th amendment or selling the gold in Fort Knox, is off the table, and that’s what matters to me.

Which means earnings matter again. Now, having been through enough earnings to make some judgments, one can conclude that other than tech, steel, government-related (meaning funded) health care and banks, you’ve got far more good quarters than bad.

It’s true that consumer confidence has been sapped, and there’s no new stimulus coming from Washington, D.C. But there are plenty of companies that can do well with simple certainty from Washington. If Washington drops out of the picture — help or harm — it is a win for business.

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Obama signs debt ceiling package

August 2, 2011 2:11 PM ET.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama has signed legislation to increase the nation’s borrowing authority and avert a potentially catastrophic government default.

Obama signed the bill privately in the Oval Office little more than an hour after the Senate voted final passage. It capped months of contentious and partisan debate. The compromise bill paired an increase in the debt ceiling with promises of more than $2 trillion of budget cuts over the next decade.

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Top Performing ETF’s

No. Ticker % Change
1 TVIX 8.75
2 SOXS 7.60
3 TMF 7.51
4 YANG 6.84
5 EDZ 6.72
6 TZA 6.60
7 DRV 6.52
8 SRTY 6.49
9 LHB 6.46
10 MWN 5.44
11 FAZ 5.44
12 BGZ 5.26
13 NUGT 5.13
14 DPK 5.07
15 SPXU 5.02
16 AGQ 4.94
17 ERY 4.89
18 UBT 4.87
19 BZQ 4.65
20 EPV 4.61
21 SIJ 4.59
22 RETS 4.56
23 SCC 4.52
24 EEV 4.52
25 SSG 4.46


No. Ticker % Change
1 TMV -7.28
2 MWJ -6.99
3 LBJ -6.91
4 SOXL -6.81
5 RUSL -6.54
6 EDC -6.28
7 MATL -5.95
8 DRN -5.93
9 YINN -5.75
10 TNA -5.73
11 TQQQ -5.02
12 DUST -4.99
13 DZK -4.92
14 FAS -4.90
15 ERX -4.86
16 UPRO -4.84
17 TBT -4.84
18 BGU -4.84
19 BRIL -4.70
20 ZSL -4.68
21 MVV -4.48
22 EWD -4.41
23 EWO -4.37
24 UYM -4.25
25 UKK -4.23

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