Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Rick Santelli Takes On Meredith Whitney Over “Angry Unemployed White Men” Comment

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  1. Johnny2time

    “Machiavellian Democrat”…wow I guess the useful idiot libtards are just coming right out and saying it these days.

  2. Wilco

    “They’ve been unemployed for 3 years and they’re freaked out”…Where does CNBC go to find these people, seriously

  3. Flashy crash

    This would be funny if the Tea Party movement was not a paid-for fabricated imitation of the long-time Libertarian movement. The central bankers needed to destroy the opposition by rebranding it, and then they using their media to crap on the brand they created, to turn public sentiment away from Libertarianism.

    Kind of like teaching a dog to eat its own crap.

    • checklist

      nice comment. what fascinates me about it is that I always considered myself a libertarian. I’m opposed to most things liberal rally for, I’m not particularily conservative, and I’m opposed to governments intervening in our lives as much as they do. That always seemed libertarian to me.

      Then one day, I read a bunch of libertarian blogs / austrian economics blogs (the two seemed intensely intertwined). And what I found was basically anarchist rantings. Anti government on an epic scale, anti patent system, anti everything. Haven’t quite known what to classify myself as since.

  4. JakeGint

    So the Tea Party is all of a sudden a tool of the Central Bankers, only because they are getting more results than the perennially dismissed Losertarian Party?

    Couldn’t have anything to do with their more rational agenda, could it?