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Serious bets are being placed that online gambling will become legal in the U.S. in the near future. This is more than just wishful thinking for some at this point. A new age of gambling will soon be upon us. Who profits? The major casinos (WYNN LVS MGM, etc.) and governments on all levels who can easily tax and corrupt this.

U.S. Digital Gaming, a venture backed by prominent casino executives, on Monday is expected to name Jon Richmond, a former entertainment industry executive, as its new CEO—placing a bet that online gambling will become legal in the U.S.

U.S. Digital Gaming was founded in 2009 by former casino executive Richard Bronson, who once ran development operations for casino impresario Steve Wynn’s former company, Mirage Resorts, and remains close to Mr. Wynn.

The company, which currently has no revenue stream, is trying to position itself as a provider of all the services other companies would need to run online gambling sites, …

Source: The Wall Street Journal (pay wall for full story)

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GM Places Future on Hope

While $14.5k is not a lot for a car and car loans are all NINJAed; this may be a risky gamble to rely on when the poor can buy a car for around $10k…..

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